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Wellbeing communications

Wellbeing communications

Wellbeing is food for the mind, body and soul – and it fuels an organisation’s success, too.

Enhancing employee wellbeing

Put simply, wellbeing is being happy and healthy in body and mind. Some people assume it’s all about meditation and yoga. Sure, these can certainly promote and enhance employee wellbeing. But we see wellbeing as being intrinsically linked with everything that promotes health and happiness in the workplace.

This is about creating an environment in which people have the confidence to be comfortable in their own skin. A culture that enables every colleague to bring their whole selves to work. Structures that keep them safe. And a workplace that allows employees to admit when they’re not OK as much as celebrating when they are.

So, we embrace each inclusion and diversity programme, health and safety campaign and mental health awareness project we’ve worked on as being an essential part of our clients’ wellbeing communications.

What are the benefits of promoting health and wellbeing?

Supporting others to be themselves, and to be happy and healthy, is on its own a brilliant gift to give others. The fact you’re reading this page suggests that, like us, you agree that promoting employee wellbeing is simply the right thing to do.

But happy and healthy employees also make for happy and healthy organisations – think increased productivity, dramatically reduced absence, and a robust bottom line.

How can internal communications enhance wellbeing?

Effectively communicating your wellbeing initiatives will clearly have a positive impact on the health and happiness of your colleagues. But did you know keeping your colleagues informed about every part of your business will also boost employee wellbeing?

We’ve always known great internal communications can enhance wellbeing. But even we were surprised by how dramatic this impact can be. Check out our research to discover how organisations that value great communications are leading the pack, with lower levels of absence and sickness, higher happiness and engagement levels and lower turnover.

How can I support wellbeing in my organisation?

Championing wellbeing can truly transform your workplace.

When we’re busy, it’s easy to forget about taking time to care for ourselves. That’s why organisations with the most successful approaches to wellbeing have an individual or team guarding it jealously, so it doesn’t get squeezed out by deadlines and budgets.

A wellbeing champion is also the point of contact for anyone who wants support or information.

Once you have resources in place, make sure employees know about them – and how to use them. Wellbeing for all means getting everyone on board with the idea. That way, everyone feels comfortable taking breaks, grabbing a spot of fresh air, or piping up when they need support.

And don’t forget to lead by example. No one should feel too busy for self-care – and the wellbeing champion can help by reminding everyone, whatever their role, to keep the candle burning.

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