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How to unlock your people’s potential in a post-lockdown world

How can organisations leverage employee engagement in a post-lockdown world? H&H’s co-founders Helen and Hannah reveal the answers in this recording form One Humber Online’s keynote address.

This year has seen our workplace environment turned upside down. There was a 91.5% increase in people working from home in the UK, with people’s mornings shifting from long, tiresome commutes to short shuffles towards makeshift home offices (or cubbies).

‘Furloughed’ became the new HR buzzword of the decade, dropping into conversations and paperwork like the new kid who turns up at school halfway through the term.

And let’s not even get started on ‘school’ and how the lack thereof has forced millions of parents to become overnight sensations in the art of science-teaching, Zoom-meeting and sandwich-making, often all at the same time.

It’s been dubbed ‘the new normal’.

But a new catchphrase is on the block.

It’s called ‘the next normal’.

Because the sudden and dramatic change to our working environments over the last few months isn’t the journey. It’s simply the beginning of a whole new way of working.

So what of this crazy current time will we take with us into our future of work?

And how can organisations leverage these post-lockdown lessons to create a better, more productive workplace?

Our Helen and Hannah spoke to this exact question in the keynote address of ‘One Humber Online’ – a week-long programme of virtual events in the Humber, focusing on how businesses can rethink and rebuild together.

So grab yourself a cuppa, settle in, and check out the one-hour recording of the event below.

Alternatively, feel free to download it from our Vimeo channel, or read the summary of the webinar on Business Live.


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