TEDxHull 2018 set for an exciting day of insights, exploration, and innovation

TEDxHull 2018 set for an exciting day of insights, exploration, and innovation
15th August 2018 handh
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TEDxHull is returning for its fifth year in September, for a day of inspiring ideas and eye-opening talks presented by 12 incredible speakers…

They say curiosity killed the cat, but if TED talks are anything to go by, it just makes for a really eye-opening and inspirational event.

If you’re someone who likes expanding their worldview, uncovering unique gems of insightful ingenuity, and having your mind not-inconsiderably blown, then TEDxHull is the place to be this year. 

We’re super excited that TEDxHull is returning for its fifth outing in September. 12 incredible speakers will be taking the stage to share illuminating sparkles of inspiration and captivating stories designed to excite the little grey cells – on topics ranging from dance and photography, to clinical anatomy and Antarctic exploration.  

Following on from previous TEDxHull themes such as ‘Beyond Limits’ to ‘Illusions’ and ‘From Where I Stand’, this year’s theme is ‘Making Waves’, inspired by the radical and revolutionary ideas that are shaping society as we know it and changing the world before our very eyes.

So who are the speakers?

TEDxHull 2018 speaker Jon Beney

Jon Beney

Jon Beney is a performer, choreographer, movement director, and ex-rugby player who’s built a career out of bringing people together through dance. He believes that everyone can benefit from rhythmic movement, both physically and mentally, and is currently heading up a ‘Dancing with Parkinsons’ project with his own performance company Tenfoot Dance.

TEDxHull 2018 speaker Matt Davis

Matt Davis

Matt is the co-owner of integrated creative agency Red Brick Road, and a blogger. He’s particularly fascinated by neurodiversity in marketing and advertising, a topic that he writes and comments on regularly.

TEDxHull 2018 speaker Kat Sanders

Dr Kat Sanders

Kat is a lecturer in Clinical Anatomy at Hull York Medical School. She has spent a not-insignificant portion of her time grossing out and fascinating people with anatomy across the country, performing heart dissections for the public on Valentine’s Day as part of an Anatomy Nights public dissection series she co-founded as well as being an active participant in Pint of Science and British Science Association events.

TEDxHull speaker Miranda Hutton

Miranda Hutton

Miranda is a photographic artist and lecturer in photography. Alongside her passion for the still image, she has a keen interest in anthropology, and her work often combines these two areas to explore challenging and thought-provoking themes. Her work has been exhibited across the globe in media outlets including Stella Magazine, Vice, and Esquire Magazine.

TEDxHull 2018 speaker Dileepa Ranawake

Dileepa Ranawake

Dileepa is the Community Manager at C4DI (Centre for Digital Innovation) at the heart of Hull’s flourishing digital technology sector. He’s fascinated by the potential of digital to broaden horizons, stimulate economic growth and shape societal identity, especially right here in our home city of Hull.

TEDxHull 2018 speaker Calvin Innes

Calvin Innes

Calvin Innes is an artist, illustrator, author and cartoonist whose ethos has always been, ‘if it can be drawn on, it probably should be drawn on’. And it’s served him well – he’s spent the last 20 years creating all kinds of weird and wonderful illustrations for thousands of different global projects.

TEDxHull 2018 speaker Harry Baker

Harry Baker

World Poetry Slam Champion Harry Baker published his debut anthology ‘The Sunshine Kid’ with Burning Eye in December 2014. His subsequent show of the same name was voted ‘Best Spoken Word show’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

TEDxHull 2018 speaker Sarah Pashley

Sarah Pashley

Sarah is the Principal of Ron Dearing UTC, where she heads up the strategic leadership and direction of the college. She has spent over twenty years in high-profile educational leadership roles across the region, and is passionate about delivering exceptional vocational and technical education to give local students the skills, knowledge and qualifications they need to excel.

TEDxHull 2018 speaker Darren Maw

Darren Maw

Aside from twice appearing as an extra on Coronation Street, Darren’s an experienced barrister, thought leader and speaker, and the founder and Managing Director of Vista Employer Services – the first organisation in the UK to be awarded the British Standard in Diversity and Inclusion. His day-job involves supporting and advising HR teams on legal and cultural implications relating to people management issues.

TEDxHull speaker Cath Waller

Dr Cath Waller

Cath is an environmental marine biologist and a Lecturer at the University of Hull. She focuses specifically on the polar regions, and her research has transported her to some of the most remote and hostile places in the world. Although her most gruelling expedition has to be her 8-week stint on Livingston Island in the South Shetlands, where she lived in a tent… and had no access to a bath, or toilet.

TEDxHull 2018 speaker Jonathan Jeeves

Jonathan Jeeves

Jonathan Jeeves is a film-maker and Head of Creative Production at Sizzl, a Marketing & Advertising Agency. He has produced over 2000 videos for businesses across the country, and has worked at all levels of management in both small and large organisations – giving him a unique sense of what it’s really like to operate and grow a successful business.

TEDxHull 2018 speaker JJ Tatten

JJ Tatten

JJ manages The Warren Youth Project, a non-profit organisation providing free support services to 1,494 disadvantaged young people in the local area. When the Warren came close to closing its doors in 2014, JJ took up the mantle in an effort to ensure its survival. Four years later, its doors are still open, he has 1,494 bosses, and what little hair he previously had left has long since disappeared.  

If you’d like to get to know each of the speakers a little better, check out their profiles on the TEDxHull website

Alongside the talks, there will be a whole bunch of fun activities hosted by local artists and the speakers themselves, as well as appearances from Hessle Bookshop and Form Shop & Studio!

So take it from us – if you’re a stickler for an inspiring idea, and more importantly, Saturday September 22nd is free in your calendar, you should grab yourself a seat at TEDxHull (and we’d be sharp about it – they’re selling out fast!).  

TEDxHull is an independently organised event combining inspiring talks on ideas worth spreading and TEDTalks videos, to spark deep discussion and broaden horizons.

This year, it’s taking place at the Hull Truck Theatre from 10am until 4pm. Learn loads more about TEDxHull 2018 – and book your place – on the website. And get yourself even more excited by checking out the great content on Facebook and Twitter @TEDxHull!

And if you’re still not convinced, to give you a flavour of what to expect on the day, here’s an exciting montage from TEDxHull 2017:

We’ll see you there!

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