Storytelling Cards


Supercharge your storytelling skills with our creative and versatile Storytelling Cards.

With 32 beautiful designs, this pack of visual cards are an ideal launch pad for stimulating constructive storytelling and comprehensive decision-making in the workplace, in an education setting or even at home with friends and family.

The bespoke designs provide endless possibilities as a visual aid. We’re sure you’ll come up with your own unique uses, but past customers have found them particularly valuable for:

      • Workshops and meetings – as an icebreaker activity or to discuss a topic
      • Exploring a situation or experience, such as ‘what is it like to work here?’
      • Interpreting a scenario or challenge from a different perspective through the use of visual aids.

The number of potential combinations and interpretations allows for fully inclusive communication exercises across any organisation, making these cards an essential part of your comms toolkit.

For further tips and advice on storytelling, get in touch with one of our communication experts at:

SIZE (mm)
Cards 84W x 122H
Box 87W x 125H x 14D