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How to communicate inclusively | Infographic

Did you know that a ‘thumbs up’ hand gesture is seen as deeply offensive in Bangladesh? 

Or that high-performing organisations are 60% more likely to consider their communication from the audience’s perspective?

We live in a world that opens up endless opportunities to connect and interact with colleagues and customers right across the world. But this also ups the challenge of communicating in a tailored, personable way whilst remaining inclusive.

Whether you’re talking to colleagues via video conferencing, cascading messages to multinational employees or simply greeting people from different cultures – the way you communicate can have a big impact on the impressions you make and the relationships you build.

This IC FIeld Guide highlights key considerations and practical tips around how to communicate inclusively.

From designing iconography to using cliches, find out the juiciest tips and tricks from our very own communication and design experts at H&H.

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