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Furloughed but not forgotten

An internal communications tool that connects your furloughed workforce with information and resources, fast.

Need a way to connect and communicate with your furloughed employees, whilst meeting government regulations for the UK’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme?

Keep your furloughed employees connected and fighting fit for the day they return to work.

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What is ‘Furloughed but not Forgotten?’

A secure, ready-to-go internal communications tool designed specifically for furloughed employees. Connect them with key information and updates from your organisation while meeting the strict regulations of the UK Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Branded and tailored for your organisation by specialist internal comms and engagement agency H&H, its features include:

• A simple but secure platform that your IT team will love

• Space for a personalised video from your CEO, or leader of choice

• Three core sections designed especially for furloughed employees’ unique communication needs (and restrictions)


• Quick and easy to set up and maintain – with support for gathering and maintaining personal contact details

• Uses existing content relevant for furloughed colleagues

• Fast, direct distribution of information and tools to people’s personal devices

• Tailored and branded specific to your company (including name, URL, logo and colours)

• Keeps employees away from any channels that could tempt them to work (out of duty, guilt, or boredom)

• Ongoing advice and support from employee communication and engagement specialists H&H


Highlight important contacts for employees to get the support they need.


Send COVID-19 and other employee-critical updates and communication.


Share resources and tools that help employees look after their wellbeing so that they’re ready to return to work.

Who should use this tool?

• Furloughed employees who have been cut from their work communication channels, such as email, phone numbers and intranet / laptop log-ins.

• Specific teams or organisations that have some employees still working while others are furloughed, therefore needing to keep strict boundaries in place for communication channels that have work-related content on them.

• Organisations that want to keep communication and engagement for furloughed employees simple and effective during these uncertain times.

Get dedicated comms support, fast

It’s not just about having the tool. It’s about having the specialist support from an internal communications and engagement agency by your side – to help you set it up, brand the site, get your content ready, work with your IT, HR and legal teams to ensure its compliant and ready to roll out to furloughed employees ASAP.

And by ASAP, we mean within days.

How it Works

These are unprecedented times and we understand that professionals like you are fighting fires day-by-day to ensure your people are being looked after. We get it’s a crisis environment – which is why we’ve done all the research and development of this platform up-front so you don’t have to.

Based on the government guidance for furloughed employees, and backed up by insights from industry associations like CIPR and CIPD, this internal communications tool gets you up and running in four easy steps:

1. Get in touch.

We’ll have a brief call or video conference around what your needs are and provide a personalised quote within hours. Once approved, we’re away!

2. Leave it with us.

Send us your brand guidelines and the information you want transformed onto your site and we’ll get on with it. Whether it’s pre-approved and ready-to-go material or whether it’s a mish-mash of things you’ve gathered from the chaos of your inbox or intranet, we can get our expert copywriters, designers, video editors and consultants to work their magic – presenting the draft content ready to go on your personalised site for you to approve.

3. Make it live

Collaborating with your IT and HR / legal teams directly where necessary, we’ll get the site up and running, using simple but secure log-ins for your employees. We can also support you with a range of communication materials to reach your furloughed workforce (for example, brochures / letters for the mail, email templates, or text messages with links).

4. Create, collaborate or delegate

There’s an easy, intuitive back-end interface for you (and your IT / HR teams) to take the reins from go-live if you wish. Or, use us as an extension to your team to edit and upload content as and when necessary. We’re as flexible as you need us to be.

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