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Blended Working | Infographic

Key components for blended working | Infographic

Did you know that only 12% of us want to work from home full-time, post-pandemic?

Whether you call it hybrid, remote, or blended, a new way of working is upon us and we need to be ready for it.

Following on from our webinar about ideas to equip us for a new way of working, we’ve selected our most important themes when thinking about the future of work – all compiled into a handy IC Field Guide.

From the office makeover to those all-important conversations on your organisation’s vision and journey ahead, we scoured the research landscape for nuggets of wisdom to support us in adapting the employee experience to a changing world.

This IC Field Guide highlights key considerations and practical tips when approaching a more inclusive and blended work environment.

Missed our webinar? Grab yourself a cuppa, settle in, and check it out here.

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