The power of storytelling to unite and inspire global colleagues

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A narrative that really means something to employees is a powerful way to engage them. But Fujitsu’s story needed refreshing.

Now they wanted to rediscover the soul of their story and bring fresh energy to it, so it would strike a chord with each employee. We’d engage managers, too, to use the story in meaningful two-way dialogue with their teams.

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It’s the highlight of my day to receive emails and materials from H&H because it is like opening a present that I LOVE every time.


Making it happen

Which parts of the existing narrative still mattered? To find out, we prepped employees to host 50 research sessions across EMEIA and the Americas.

With these insights and a nose for a yarn, we worked with senior leaders to find ‘the red thread’ that would weave every element of the Fujitsu story into one inspiring narrative. One that held meaning for employees around the world.


Hone managers’ storytelling skills

We knew we had to give managers the best possible chance to get the message across. So we plunged them into the refined Fujitsu story, using animations, videos and self-reflection activities. Then gave them techniques for telling compelling stories of their own.


Gear them up for conversations with their teams

Our storytellers were ready. Their toolkits were packed. So they set to work leading interactive conversations with their teams to immerse them in the new narrative.


Make personal connections with the Fujitsu vision

Managers coaxed employees to find their own personal story. And discover how their role played a key part in the company’s narrative – and the chapters to come.

Fujitsu - Working session


The outcome

To say we got people taking about the future – and their roles in it – would be an understatement.

Our programme supported Fujitsu to hold 32 roundtable discussions throughout EMEIA. Plus seven in the Americas. And 11 more in the company’s global delivery centres.


A project to discuss? A challenge to unpick? We’re all ears – so let’s meet.

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