Crafting a culture from scratch for 1,000s of employees

Siemens - Two men walking together and talking at wind-turbine-blade factory in Hull



Hull had waited years for this. Siemens was building a new wind-turbine-blade factory, creating thousands of much-needed jobs.

They wanted employees geared up from day one, fully invested in a new vision. So we captured the spirit of optimism and aspiration among the new employees. And put people at the centre of the new culture and internal brand.

Siemens - Three colleagues in safety-specs talking to each other
Siemens - A group of men in high-vis vests and safety goggles walking together
Siemens - A group of people taking part in a team-building exercise

H&H’s striking design and imagery has definitely caught the eye of our amazing people! The positive response has made a world of difference.


Making it happen

A shiny new workplace, a bright new team, and dazzling new horizons for the city. This was our cue to create something truly powerful.

Employees were united by pride and fresh perspectives. Their energy was a rock-solid base for the new culture – and would shape the way teams communicated. ‘We’re all here for the same reason,’ they told us. One reason, but thousands of stories.


Explore what Siemens Hull means to its people

The factory wasn’t yet open, and employees were training in Denmark. We went to meet them and discover their thoughts, hopes and plans about their new roles and workplace.


Capture employees’ spirit and aspirations in a culture code

In their own words, it embraced what the new culture truly meant to them. It would guide their work and keep alive that initial flame of pride and hope.


Make employees’ vision an intrinsic part of the workplace

We wove the new cultural identity into every part of the environment. Powerful visuals featured colleagues’ photos and words to make a powerful statement about who they were.

Siemens - a group of colleagues in high-vis vests eating lunch and talking together
Siemens - Three colleagues in safety-specs talking to each other
Siemens - A group of men in high-vis vests and safety goggles walking together


The outcome

It was all about them. From the moment the new folks stepped into their factory and offices.

Breath-taking interior visuals put them in the spotlight. Welcoming them as key players in Siemens Hull – and in the green energy revolution. And when joining workshops and conversations, they used a toolkit of materials they’d influenced.

Siemens opened the doors with all the building blocks in place to achieve their ambitions.

Employees had a strong sense of belonging, pride and ownership.

And the internal brand identity was powerful and distinctive. Focused on the people who were bringing to life the company vision.

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