Shifting behaviours. Transforming minds. Saving lives.

Anglo American - Team building & wellbeing



Anglo American’s business is mining. But its commitment to safety stretches way deeper than the risks at the coalface.

Our long-standing partnership has empowered Anglo’s employees to tackle multiple challenges. From domestic violence to mental health. Covid-19 to I&D. Saving lives to preserving the planet. Each one tapping deep into emotions to inspire action and ownership.

Anglo American - Vaccination
Anglo American - Transforming Minds
Anglo American - Team building & wellbeing

Our client partnership is a true partnership. H&H listens to our needs and provides practical and professional solutions, but also challenges our thinking to add greater value.


Making it happen

Music. Images. Dance. They’ve defined what it means to be human for millennia. And they transcend language, culture and literacy. Perfect for connecting and inspiring a diverse workforce.

Inspired by the gumboot dancing that originated in South Africa, we translated Anglo’s values into a global performance. It appealed to both logic and emotion. Took immersive experience to a new level. All staged simultaneously by employees worldwide – from the CEO to the frontline.


Make it meaningful.

Six values. Six rhythms. Conveying the beats miners used to communicate while deep underground. And building an emotional connection between corporate policy and sensory experience.


Feel it. Live it. Love it.

‘Feeling’ each move made the values tangible. ‘Acting’ each one meant employees made them personal. And the shared performance built joy – and connections – across continents.


Six values. One global workforce. Acting in unison.

Simple, stirring moves. Adopted by tens of thousands of employees. It forged a deep connection between organisational values and personal responsibility. And the values remain vivid – long after the lights went down on Global Safety Day.

Anglo American - Team work
Anglo American - App screens
Anglo American - Shifting behaviours


The outcome

Our partnership approach and science-backed creativity has successfully tackled issues that are genuinely matters of life and death.

We’ve helped people flee domestic violence. Kept teams connected through lockdowns. And here’s the mind-blowing power of IC – we’ve helped edge our client within touching distance of its zero-harm ambition.

75% of employees in 70 global locations voluntarily joined in our Global Safety Day dance activities.

Our safety programmes are equipping all leaders and colleagues with the skills and tools to take ownership of safety.

Our mental health campaign is creating an environment where people can feel safe to seek support and challenge prejudice.

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