New structure. New strategy. A new future for 10,000 people. It was time to talk

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Three of Asia’s leading automotive businesses had joined forces. Now it had to inspire the combined 10,000 employees to support a new group vision.

Leaders had traditionally used a directive, top-down comms approach. Instead, we persuaded them to hold two-way discussions with teams. Find out how they felt about the change. It was a first for the business. And it worked. Powerfully.

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Making it happen

Research suggests people don’t resist change. They resist change being done to them. So we showed managers how to get their teams personally involved.

We immersed employees into experiencing first-hand the digital innovation central to the company’s future. This helped them grasp the possibilities that lay ahead for the newly unified group. While shifting attitudes and rallying support.


Use science to persuade leaders to try a new comms approach

Instead of announcing change to teams, managers would bring teams along on the journey. Giving them an opportunity to share opinions and play a part.


Centre employees in the change with inspiring activities

We didn’t just set out the strategy with our big-picture map. We brought it to life. With powerful creative, team conversations, experiential activities and interactive technology.


Shift attitudes and galvanise support for the new vision

Talking and listening were crucial, human elements of this programme. In any culture, people will always be more willing to embrace change if they feel they are genuinely involved.

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The outcome

Giving employees a platform for two-way conversations helped them really connect with the new group vision.

They were part of the change – instead of simply being told change was happening to them. People were better able to understand the new vision and the role they played in achieving the company’s ambitions. Take a look at some highlights from the post-programme survey, below.


Employees said they’re clear on which strategic priorities they can make the biggest contribution to


Employees agreed they can personally see the benefits of ONE JIM


People were now involved in making the vision a reality

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