Want people to connect with a new vision and strategy? Then you need them to own it

Arco - getting hands on


The business issue

With a fresh strategy, vision and purpose, Arco needed every employee to understand the new direction. And feel a sense of control and ownership.

We knew we had to make it personal to them so we showed the WHY and HOW in a way they could relate to on an individual level. And equipped senior leaders to communicate consistently, so every member of their team would feel part of the conversation.

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Arco - Customers
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They involve us in their world and it truly is a collaborative process. I appreciated
their honesty, ideas, energy, knowledge and skills.


Making it happen

To bring employees along on the journey, our visual narrative mapped out the road ahead. So we could inspire and excite them about their role in the new direction.

We armed managers with ideas and materials to engage their teams and hold meaningful conversations. And to deepen understanding and connection, employees took part in games, video updates, a cinema-style experience – and ongoing two-way discussions.


Turn strategy into a plan that employees could connect with

Psychological ownership arises in three ways: feeling in control, developing intimate knowledge and becoming self-invested. So we focused on generating interaction and dialogue.


Give leaders tools and skills to rally and motivate teams

Getting all employees to muck in to deliver business strategy takes inspirational leadership. We supported managers in setting the ball rolling through team discussions.


Keep the messages alive and the dialogue flowing

Conversations and activities were just the start. Game-based learning, reflection sessions and experiential events generated a sense of personal control and collective ownership.

Arco - getting hands on
Arco - A great place
Arco - Connection


The outcome

Company-wide survey results were outstanding. They showed our approach – rooted in behavioural psychology and engagement theory – had hit the spot.

Following this programme, we’ve used our approach to engage employees with six more major change initiatives across Arco. Including new digital-integration projects and large-scale transformations of supply-chain systems and HR processes.



'I am very clear on the long-term business strategy'



'I am very familiar with the Arco Vision and Values'



'I know the role I need to play in achieving the Vision'

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