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H&H shortlisted for the Personnel Today Awards 2020

Learning and development plays a crucial role in providing value to our clients. So we’re over the moon to be announced as finalists for Personnel Today’s ‘L&D Supplier of the Year’ award.

If you’re wondering what an internal communications agency like H&H is doing in an HR awards scheme like the Personnel Today Awards – well, you’ve come to the right place.

Because here is where we proudly stand on our podium and share with the world our experience in linking organisations’ internal communications strategically and inextricably to all aspects of the employee experience.

From recruitment and onboarding to shaping and maintaining a culture that steers your business towards its goals, we help to develop the very people that make that happen – employees.

And since fantastically executed internal communications lies at the heart of any successful change, learning or employee experience, it’s fair to say that we’ve seen a great deal of successful HR programmes and initiatives.

But this is the first time that we’ve sought recognition from within the HR community, and we’re proud as punch to be served up a slice of finalist pie for our very first foray into the Personnel Today Awards.

Not only were we announced as finalists for the ‘L&D Supplier of the Year’ award. We were also humbled to see ourselves shortlisted for the ‘employee experience’ category – recognising all the efforts we put into making H&H a great place to be so that we can give the best service to our marvellous clients.

H&H as L&D Suppliers

We might be known as the best agency in the UK and Europe for internal communications and employee engagement. But we have a bunch of specialists and tools up our sleeves that make waves for our clients in the learning and development space too.

Our integrated service means that we can create more opportunities for learning to happen in our clients’ organisations. This is done by applying learning principles to both L&D projects as well as wider employee engagement programmes.

Here’s a peek into the things we’re doing in the L&D arena.

PRINT® – helping teams and leaders be their best, most productive selves

Here at H&H, we’re the exclusive UK license holders for Dr Paul Hertz’ PRINT® – a nifty little tool that can power up you and your team’s productivity.

In a nutshell, by taking a short 10-20 minute survey (kitted out with an algorithm to ensure you can’t fool the system), you can discover what unconsciously motivates and ‘triggers’ you into using productive – or unproductive – behaviours.  

Unlike psychometric tools like Insights, Myers Briggs, DISC or Belbin – which are all great tools that help you identify and describe traits and behaviours – PRINT® goes a step further by uncovering why you behave in certain ways.

The best part of this tool, no bias of course, is that you get access to H&H’s super suite of workshops, programmes and modules to help with team building and performance, leadership development, improving communication capability and helping employees through change.

Led by our cracking colleague Kay, we have a hankering that the Personnel Today Awards judges were rather impressed with the way we have been transforming this powerful tool into flexible, tailored programmes for our different clients’ needs.

How to communicate with Impact infographic

From regional councils evolving their leadership programmes to having accredited over 60 coaches to use the tool with their clients or within their own organisations, the value of PRINT® is beginning to make some rather tidal waves throughout the UK.

We even use it as a base for sharing insights and advice, such as our most recent infographic guide which helps professionals use simplified PRINT® profiles to tailor their communications and strengthen interpersonal relationships while working remotely.

Bespoke digital learning solutions and tools

Being an integrated agency full of diverse skill sets comes with its benefits. It means we can utilise all of our designers, illustrators, animators and digital developers to build the tailored digital learning platforms that we design alongside our clients for their unique needs and challenges.  

That’s why a highly regulated alliance organisation were able to engage a bunch of disengaged employees – who aren’t actually employees – with their learning programmes so that they were better able to prove the value of their services.

And because any engagement programmes needing to ‘create awareness’ or ‘shift behaviours’ requires an element of learning, we have the wonderful opportunity of injecting learning principles into engagement programmes right across our clients’ businesses, rather than only within the L&D function.


That’s why leaders at Fujitsu were successfully able to activate their imaginations through a video about a plain ol’ pair of brown shoes and learn to be better storytellers – right before an important new business strategy launch.

Or how an IT Security team were able to better protect their organisation by engaging their colleagues in an interactive digital ‘Escape Room’ challenge – enabling learning through using immersive gamification techniques. 

These are just a few peek previews of what we’ve featured in our Personnel Today award entry.

So if your interest is piqued, tune in to the Personnel Today Awards on Thursday 26 November, and we’ll reveal more once the awards have been announced. Watch this space!

In the meantime, check out what else we do with our clients.

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