From L&D to IC, creative copywriting to insights, research and master coaches – our consultancy team are a force to be reckoned with. In a good way, obviously. Diving into a client brief and coming up with creative ways to make an impact? They’re on it. Supporting leaders to be authentic and agile? No problem. Designing and delivering programmes that inspire and engage? Yes please. They love getting up close and personal with strategies and get a kick out of understanding people and organisational cultures. They also love a challenge – so feel free to test them with yours.

  • Jane

    I’ve been described as ‘a ball of energy fuelled by coffee’. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. With a background in architecture and interior design, I now put my heart, soul and copious caffeine intake into making sure our creative projects have a real edge. That they engage, excite and support an employee’s wellbeing and engagement as much as their performance.

  • Niamh

    Art or science? Feeding my creative passion or my nerdy side? With H&H, I don’t have to choose. With a biochemistry background, I now partner with clients to discover what makes their people tick – and how to harness that to create truly inspiring places to work. True engagement means being a brand ambassador – always ready with that elevator pitch. I’m ready. Are you?

  • Christine, Creative Copywriter at H&H


    Sticks and stones may break my bones… yet the pen is mightier than the sword. Which is it? Playing fast and loose with swords, sticks or stones is a fool’s game. But so is underestimating the power of words. Words state intentions, reveal truths and can crack open an explosive piñata of possibilities. The right words move people at a level you won’t reach with a stick!

  • Cathy, Head of Consultancy at H&H


    People, personalities, strategies, theories, the words that stick and the messages that make an impact – two decades on the front lines of the IC industry has taught me tons. Informed, imaginative IC can take people on an authentic, engaging journey – that’s the magic formula that makes real shift happen. And I love being able to support our clients to drive this shift.

  • Kelly

    A solid IC background means I really empathise with the challenges our clients face – super helpful when getting to the heart of what they want to achieve. Organisations with a strong, authentic culture don’t just retain their brightest talent. They inspire their shining stars to love what they do and give it their all. And it’s a joy to play a part in making it happen.

  • Christina, IC Consultant at H&H


    Sometimes life gets complicated. Multiple stakeholders, competing priorities, different messages vying for attention. And it can be tough to see the wood for the trees when you’re immersed in a knotty challenge. My passion is finding the nuggets of truth that stop everyone in their tracks. From that a-ha moment, it’s about creating a clear strategy, beautifully executed.

  • Kay, Learning and OD Specialist at H&H


    I advise on the psychology and strategy behind H&H’s client projects. I’m known as the model queen (scientific models – not catwalks). Because everything I do is underpinned with robust theory, translated into action and behavioural shift. My question du jour is always ‘so what’? It makes sure our creative approaches have real substance, are meaningful and super engaging.

  • Clare, IC Consultant at H&H


    I’ve worked in IC across the civil service – from a tiny Government agency above a Soho casino to one of the grandest buildings in Whitehall. My MOD induction involved bivouacking in the Brecon Beacons, in full camo gear. I’m not sure what I learned through that, but I learned a lot of it. When you get IC right? It lights up an organisation and great things happen.

  • Catherine, Create Copywriter at H&H


    Did you know there are 171,146 words in the English language? 218,302 if you count the ones nobody uses anymore. Loads to choose from. But less is often way more powerful.
    I adore playing with language – whether that’s unravelling it, simplifying it, or using science to find the words that make an impact. Give me a challenge and I’ll whip you up a linguistic treat.

  • Zoe, IC Consultant at H&H


    Would you like to hear a story? Bet that’s a “yes”. Storytelling is at the heart of Internal Communications – and it’s all about the emotions. Successfully tug on heart strings and you’ll boost engagement faster than you could launch a rocket. But behind every story is a great strategy and that’s where I fit in. Give me any IC problem, and I’ll help you write the perfect best seller.


Our creatives add a feast of different flavours to H&H. Apart from vanilla – you won’t find a sniff of that here. While some organisations rein in their creative teams, we give ours the breathing room to be as wild, or subtle, as their imaginations – and the client’s objectives – desire. Because we’re confident that everything they do will be backed up with dead clever thinking and flaming-hot rationale. And you won’t find any cookie-cutter stuff going on. Each creative comes with their own unique approach, from elegant to bold, character-driven to nature-inspired. Swoon.

  • Drew

    What floats my boat? Blending creative design and comms theory. It adds substance to what we do and stretches my thinking – in all sorts of directions. It’s a bit like alchemy. The design, strategy and key messages have to reinforce each other. I’m a sucker for all things creative. But if it’s all a bit faux fur coat? Then it’s only worthy of a place on my fridge.

  • Tom


    90% of the messages processed by our brains are visual. And they’re processed 60,000 times faster than text (this is a fact – not out of a Christmas cracker!). So, it makes sense why images are such a potent comms tool. Lifting someone into a story through animation – and transfixing them to the last frame? Nothing beats it (aside from maybe chicken and chips).

  • Rosie, Senior Designer at H&H


    “Others have seen what is and asked, why? I have seen what could be and asked, why not?” I’d love to claim that as my own. But it was Pablo Picasso. And he had a point –creativity is about people seeing possibilities where others can’t. I’ve been at H&H for a whopping nine years, thanks to the culture, people, and the fact we get to be creative on so many fab projects.

  • Adam, Designer at H&H


    My aim is to blow people away with design – to make them think and change perceptions. I love working stuff out, so you’ll often find me googling “how it works” (sometimes at 3am!). Graphic design’s my speciality – but when it comes to ideation I’ll stretch my legs as far as possible to expand my field of view. And if that means taking inspiration from said 3am googles, I’m good with that!

  • Will

    I’m all about bringing creativity to briefs – clambering around to uncover those light bulb ideas for our clients. I like taking something complex and turning it into an ‘oh wow!’ moment that everyone gets. When I’ve not got my head buried in Adobe, I’m most likely travelling the country with my camera, snapping away. Whether that be mountains, gin or the H&H team.

  • Ols

    People learn faster – and deeper – when they're having fun. It’s why animations – with captivating stories, relatable characters and interesting illustrations – are such a powerful learning tool. There are so many components that can be used to visually tell a brilliant story – one that captures people’s attention and emotions. And I love bringing them to life!

  • Paul

    What gets me excited about our industry? The act of creating. I love making something and then setting it free into the world – letting it fulfil its purpose and then seeing the results. I’ve spent a lot of my 20-year career in advertising. Moving to IC means I now work on projects that inspire change and betterment. And I get a real sense of accomplishment from it!

  • Lew

    Looking to lift emotions and shift behaviours? Try art. Art enhances brain function and brain wave patterns, and it boosts happy hormones. That’s the science (I Googled it, obvs). It’s a bit mind-blowing – and I reckon that’s why so many clients enjoy being pushed creatively. So, I make sure all my illustrations are seriously well considered and packed with personality.


  • Helen, Managing Director at H&H


    Storytelling and imaginative comms - this is what transforms people’s thinking. You know it. As do I (partly because my first job involved scooting around Scotland selling surgical gowns and catheters – that defo required imagination). People loving what they do – and being empowered to think differently? That’s when great things happen. And it’s why we created H&H!

  • Hannah, Creative Director at H&H


    You know when you’re surrounded by creative minds – it really sparks the imagination, right? I love inspiring our team to innovate. Pushing their creative boundaries, inviting them into the metaverse and freeing them up to imagine super-clever ideas. And transforming the employee experience with beautiful design and solid comms theory – now that’s a real buzz.

Client Experience

Yes, our client experience team will make sure you have a super experience. But this goes way beyond simply keeping you in the loop, staying on top of schedules and making sure your programme’s delivered on time and in budget. Think of them as the quality controllers who’ll proof, polish and check everything meets your brand guidelines. The party planners who’ll make sure your people are as excited about your manager-led convos as you are. The IC experts who’ll roll up their sleeves to make sure your narrative hits the mark. And they’re ruddy lovely humans, too.

  • Sophie, Client Experience Partner at H&H


    Looking for leadership support? Want to boost engagement on internal digital channels? My career’s centred around creating and communicating the right messages, and I have an uncanny ability to keep calm under pressure. With an extensive background in both the public and private sector, I’ll be your IC cheerleader – and I’ll make sure everything runs like clockwork.

  • Emma, Project Manager at H&H


    I’ve an eclectic professional background, with roles in brand management, real estate and FMCG quality control. What do they all have in common? Communication! It’s essential when working with some of the world’s best-known household names – together with great people skills, organisation and a meticulous eye for detail (a fair bit of plate spinning too!). Talking is my strong point and honesty is pivotal to building trust and long-lasting relationships. You’ll rarely see me without a smile on my face but if you do, just stick the kettle on and I’ll be ‘reet!

  • Kate

    From finding 20 performers for a flash-mob in Covent Garden to sending giant pianos around the World for the premiere of Rocketman – the same learnings always apply. It’s about making sure my clients feel supported, have the best possible experience and feel free to be honest throughout. And hearing fantastic feedback when programmes hit the mark? Simply fab.

  • Kirsty

    My focus? Creating an exceptional client experience. So you’ll often find me immersed in schedules, colour-coded lists and Yorkshire tea. I have a bit of a crush on language and linguistics, so it’s great to get involved in everything from ideation to narratives. What we do is grounded in science – but it’s how we bring the human aspect that really makes me smile.

  • Sarah, Client Experience Partner at H&H


    A colleague once called me the nucleus of a project. With a strong passion for biochemistry I can relate to that. I thrive at the centre of multiple programmes – nurturing great client relationships, managing every detail and seeing true engagement come to life. As a habit stacker, bio-hacker, lover of languages and herbs – you could say I’m all about finding the essence of everything I do.


You know those bum bags you wear when you’re camping – the ones holding your map, Swiss army knife, binoculars, wallet and phone? Our Ops Team are a bit like that. They have a handle on everything from the bigger picture (think strategy, availability, finance and processes) to all those behind-the-scenes details that seem to happen by magic (data, events, social media). And they make sure everyone’s a happy camper, equipped with everything they need to make H&H an efficient, joyful place where creativity, productivity, wellbeing and client delight break bread together around the firepit.

  • Michelle, Head of Operations at H&H


    Data and spreadsheets excite me. True story. I’m organised with a capital O. An enabler at H&H, if you like. And my pitch-perfect planning makes sure our machine is well-oiled, polished and shiny as a hat pin. So you can be sure our team’s got everything they need to be brilliantly creative. All underpinned by solid processes, technologies and methodologies.

  • Laura, Operations Manager at H&H


    You know those drawer organisers that keep all your socks super neat and tidy? A fellow H&Her said that’s what my brain works like. I think it was a compliment. I make sure everyone has what they need to deliver projects on time – without compromising on quality. And I love turning data into a story everyone can get excited about. Strategy update via gamification, anyone?

  • Meg

    Humans average 142 minutes a day on our social accounts. In my role I defo exceed this. Social media unlocks so many opportunities to connect people and spark proper meaningful conversations – across cultures, continents, and organisations. I also play a leading role in H&H’s events, internal and external comms and EVP. Give me any challenge and I’ll get stuck in.

  • Jess

    Some call me a control freak. Others say I’m detail orientated, deadline driven and hellbent on making the H&H team’s lives easier, and our clients happy. Either way, I get stuff done and problems solved. Mostly before anyone’s noticed a problem needed sorting. Isn’t that the best way? 

I’m a ‘communicator’ (talker). So it’s ace to be at H&H, where comms are Queen.

  • Duncan

    What’s 20+ years of helping creative agencies develop stellar client relationships and attract new business given me? An eye-opening insight into many well-loved brands – from Mars and Alpro to Seiko. And the realisation the most vibrant businesses usually have a fantastic story to tell. It’s a blast to bring this experience (and a bit of fun) to H&H.

  • David


    Looking for the truth – an engaging story, backed up with hard facts? Turn to the data. It won’t let you down. I make data easier to understand – taking dashing insights into statistical methods and bringing it to life to make sure everyone’s in the loop and everything’s working efficiently. And if that involves a spreadsheet or a pretty little graph that’s fine by me.