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Software, song writing and The Strokes – meet our Junior Digital Developer Mitch!

We’re delighted to welcome the newest H&Her on the block, our Mitch, to our blog for a cuppa and a chat about all things music and tech…

That’s right, H&H has expanded again – and this time, it’s the turn of our very own Junior Digital Developer Mitch to take the stage!

Over the few months he’s been with us so far, Mitch has proven himself to be a real valuable addition to the H&H team.

He’s constantly wowed us with his innovative ideas, as well as his eagerness to jump straight into anything that comes his way!

Needless to say – he’s fitted into life at H&H like we were two peas in a pod.

And he’s quickly becoming a jack of all trades in digital technology – getting stuck into everything from website building, product development, and even using his flair for music production to create an amazing musical composition as part of a client project!

He’s also discovered his personal PRINT profile too. He’s a 7/2 (a PRINT twin with our Luke) – and his Unconscious Motivators are to enjoy life and to be happy, and to be needed and appreciated. And while we’re on the subject – why not take a delve into your own Unconscious Motivators, so you can discover strategies to help you work more effectively with others?

We sat down with our Mitch to catch up on what he’s been getting up to at H&H, why he thinks internal communications is important in building a culture everybody wants to be a part of, and what it’s like to be a part of an up and coming local band!

So without further ado, let’s meet the shining star himself. Over to you Mitch!

So Mitch, we’re wondering – how have you enjoyed your time with H&H so far?

Mitch: It’s been fantastic, I’ve loved every single minute of my time here so far. The team have made me feel unbelievably welcome and so comfortable, and I feel proud to be a fully fledged member of the team. I look forward to coming in every day as there’s always something new to get involved in, and fresh opportunities to develop my skills and learn something new. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me during the rest of my Apprenticeship here!

In such a short space of time you’ve shown immense drive and enthusiasm, and we’re all really impressed with everything you’ve achieved here so quickly. What exactly have you been getting up to over the last few weeks?

Mitch: I think ‘What haven’t I been getting up to?’ would be a better question!

I’ve had my fingers in so many pies but recently I have been working on developing the H&H website, getting to grips with SEO, coding, and all the wizardry that goes on in the back end of the site. Adam (our Digital Developer) has been a great help, showing me the ropes and teaching me everything I need to know to become a fully fledged digital genius.I’ve also teamed up with our Product Development Coordinator Luke, who’s been showing me around all of H&H’s brilliant IC products like Push,  a quickfire polling tool where you can create personalised polls fast and receive real-time results.

We know you studied music production at University, and it’s no surprise that you excelled yourself – congratulations! So, what made you apply for the position of Junior Digital Developer here at H&H?

Mitch: It was completely by chance, but a fantastic one I have to say! As well as my passion for music, I’m really passionate about digital technology too.  I’ve  always played computer games and wanted to delve deeper into the world of programming and coding. I just happened to stumble across this job ad whilst browsing the internet and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on!

That’s great to hear, we’re lucky to have you on board! So we guess the ultimate question is, if somebody was thinking about applying to H&H – would you recommend us as a fantastic place to work?

Mitch: Yes, definitely. H&H’s culture is vibrant, innovative, and supportive in every way imaginable. I’ve never worked for a company that genuinely has everyone’s best interests in at the fore.

So what would you say is your favourite thing about working here?

Mitch: Everything if I’m honest, but if I had to pick it would be the positive, enthusiastic atmosphere. Everyone loves what they do, and its especially obvious in the work we produce for our clients and the wider IC community.

Now you’ve had some time to get involved in lots of different projects and see what H&H is all about – what would you say internal comms means to you?

Mitch: I’d say it’s about building a strong, positive company culture. A place where employees love coming to work, and their passion and productivity shines through in everything they do!

We couldn’t agree more! Okay, now let’s get to know a little more about you. We know you’re a big music fanatic and are in a band called ‘New Haven’, and we believe you have some exciting news to share?

Mitch: New Haven came together due to our shared love for music.

And we’ve recently had some very exciting news that one of our singles, called ‘Jungle Man’, will be released on Very Clever Records in late August/early September!

We can’t wait to perform the song, and the rest of our music, at local gigs and events!

That’s great Mitch, we’ll definitely give it a listen! Onto our last question – since you love your music, is there a song, artist or album that you’d recommend we add to our office playlist?

Mitch: It’s a difficult one since there’s so many to choose from… but I would have to say an album that I adore is ‘Is This It?’ by The Strokes. I can’t get enough of them!

Thanks for giving us a quick glimpse into your world Mitch –we’re very excited to watch you flourish and thrive here at H&H!

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