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Our awards

Delighting our clients is our number-one aim, but bagging a much-coveted prize always gives us that warm fuzzy feeling.

It’s not just because our work gets validated by peers as industry-leading. It’s also because it recognises the profound impact that internal communication has on people’s wellbeing and engagement at work – something our own independently commissioned research has established.

Our ever-growing collection of glass and silverware is evidence of this, and we’re very proud of the numerous CIPR, IOIC and ee Best Agency awards we’ve picked up, as well as all the programme and campaign awards we share with our wonderful, talented clients.

Best Agency

UK and European Employee Engagement Awards 2020

Best Agency

The IoIC Central & North Awards 2019

Agency of the Year

IoIC Awards 2017

Best Agency H/C

CIPR Awards 2017

Best Culture Change Programme

IoIC North and Central 2018

Best Measurement of a Programme

IoIC North and Central Awards 2018

Best IC Campaign

CIPR Awards 2017

Best Communications Programme

ee Awards 2017

Best Agency Winner

CIPR Awards 2014

Best UK Agency

IoIC Awards 2014

Best Agency

CIPR Awards 2013

Agency of the Year

S/L Melcrum SCM 2012