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National Apprenticeship Week, meet our Emily!
7th March 2019 Michael Hargreaves
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To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we sat down with our Digital Marketing Apprentice Emily to find out what she’s been getting up to at H&H, why she thinks internal comms is critical to building awesome workplace cultures, and what it was like to have some of her professional photography work displayed in a local gallery!

National Apprenticeship Week is a time dedicated to bringing the apprenticeship community together to celebrate the impact of apprenticeships on individuals, employers and the economy. Helping aspiring individuals develop the skills they need to thrive in our changing world, while also ensuring the next generation are equipped for the workplace challenges of the future.

Something that for us, as internal comms and employee engagement specialists, is very close to our hearts.

That’s why we welcomed the opportunity to take our very own Digital Marketing apprentice, Emily, under our wing – and what better time than National Apprenticeship Week to check in with her to see how she’s been getting on!

Over the last few months, Emily’s been cutting her teeth on all things Digital Marketing, from content creation to social media management. And she’s certainly earned her place as a shining star in the H&H team.

We sat down with her to hear about everything she’s been getting up to so far, find out what she thinks about internal comms and its role in building awesome workplace cultures. We also discover what it was like to have some of her professional photography work displayed in a local gallery!

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So without further ado, let’s meet the star herself…

A quick conversation with our Emily

Hey Emily, and welcome to the blog! Firstly, how have you enjoyed your time with H&H so far?

Our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Emily

Emily: It’s been really great, I’ve learnt so much in just under 3 months. It feels like I’ve been here much longer! The team have made me feel so welcome and I’ve really enjoyed getting stuck in to all the different projects that have been sent my way, as well as having the chance to be involved in some of the broader projects that are always on the go. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of my Apprenticeship!

It’s safe to say the team have all been super impressed by what you’ve brought to the H&H table in such a short space of time. But what particular pies have you had your fingers in?

Our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Emily

Emily: Lots of them! Recently I’ve been heavily involved in auditing and analysing the performance of our digital marketing channels, especially our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. And I’ll be working on content creation and execution off the back of this, with our social-media guru Michael showing me the ropes.

I’ve also been helping to design blogs for the website – both H&H content, and articles from external IC experts. This has been really helpful because I’ve picked up loads of insights into the industry, which I was a total newcomer to when I first started here.

And to top it off, I’ve also been working with Luke our NPD lead to develop marketing strategies and campaigns for H&H’s product portfolio – including Storytelling Cards, and Push.

So yeah, busy is an understatement!

So now that you’ve had some time to learn about everything that’s going on in the industry and see how H&H bring our clients’ IC projects to life, what would you say internal comms means to you?

Our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Emily

Emily: I’d say it’s about creating a sense of belonging in the workplace, so that people aren’t just in the job to make ends meet and actually want to be there and do their best work. But I guess it’s also about helping others to communicate effectively, so that everyone in the organisation is always marching to the same beat, and I think this is something which IC professionals can really help with by sharing their expertise.

I’ve done a lot of reading about the industry alongside my work at H&H, but the great thing is there’s always something else to learn! I’m just getting started.

That’s great! All of us at H&H certainly think IC is a really exciting industry to be a part of – would you say this is the impression you’ve got too?

Our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Emily

Emily: Definitely. From what I’ve seen so far it’s always changing and evolving, and so there’s always something new to discover and learn. It’s been really eye-opening to read up on how IC is becoming more demanded and respected in the workplace, and to find out about the psychology behind engaging people’s hearts and minds that enables you to spark meaningful behaviour change.

Back to H&H for a moment – would you recommend us as a great place to work? And if you had to choose, what would be your favourite thing about working here?

Our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Emily

Emily: I’d definitely recommend H&H as a great place to work. There’s a culture that just makes you feel like you can really make a difference, but I’d say the best thing about working here has to be the team. They’re a super friendly, talented bunch, who always make you feel comfortable and at ease. There’s also plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge – for example, I’ve taken a course in NLP, and learned all about my personal PRINT profile, which has helped me understand how I can be my best at work.

Now, let’s talk a little more about you. We’ve heard you once had some of your professional photography work displayed in the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull – and that you even sold a few copies too. That must have been a real thrill – so what was it like to see your name in lights and show off your skills and talent to the public?

Our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Emily

Emily: It was brilliant, and something I’d never done before, so it was really exciting. Entering a piece of work not knowing if it’s going to be selected for exhibition, only to hear that it has been selected, is a real thrill. Seeing your work on the wall alongside other professional artists makes you feel really proud, and having a bigger audience than just friends and family viewing it was just brilliant. My real claim to fame though is that my photography was on display when Charles and Camilla visited Hull and toured the gallery – so my work has been seen by royal eyes!

We have to say we’re very impressed! One last question – we know you’re a big music buff, so what’s one song, artist or album you’ve listened to that you’d recommend that our readers give a listen?

Our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Emily

Emily: One guy I’ve been listening to a lot at the moment is Lewis Capaldi – you may have heard his new song as he’s been topping the charts, and it’s been all over the radio. I just think he has a great voice and writes really meaningful, powerful lyrics.

All that remains is for us to say thanks Emily, and we’ll be sure to add that to the playlist right away.

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