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Motivation, resilience and those all-important AHA moments

There’s little I enjoy more than a good chin wag about PRINT®. Those of you who’ve read some of my other blogs will know why.

We have a wonderful and diverse group of coaches across the UK – all of whom passionately integrate PRINT® into their practices, programmes and people development strategies. Hearing how others apply PRINT® and the huge impact it makes gives my energy bank a right proper boost. I love to hear about their successes and the change it stimulates.

Plus, it keeps me in my happy place of learning and curiosity.

I caught up with Rachel Martin, PRINT® coach and Senior Lecturer and Professional Health CPD Lead at York St John’s University, to talk about motivation, resilience and those all-important AHA moments.

What motivated you to become PRINT® accredited?

Rachel Martin, PRINT coach

Following a career in business, retail and marketing I naturally moved into the learning and development arena, becoming a lecturer and completing my Masters degree in coaching.

I’m fascinated by human beings – what makes us tick, what we’re about and the different elements of our behaviours. Becoming PRINT® accredited was a perfect complement to my coaching practice as it’s a powerful tool that helps clients to learn about themselves and truly understand what makes them tick.

Tell us a little bit about your audience

Most of my work is for health organisations, NHS middle managers and senior leaders.

People have long careers in the NHS.  PRINT® is a perfect tool to create a continual learning environment of self-discovery and exploration.

What do you find most dynamic and powerful about PRINT® ?

Rachel Martin, PRINT coach

It has to be those AHA moments – the sense people get that ‘something has just happened’ for them. Understanding not only our own unique drivers but also other peoples’ makes an enormous difference to how we show up and feeds our appetite for greater self-awareness. 

Most importantly it enables a dialogue. It allows us to smile at ourselves – to smile at those moments that stimulate a shift to our exaggerated, sometimes unwanted behaviours and bring a ray of light to the situation.

Personally, I’ve found PRINT® invaluable. I keep going back to my profile and learning from it. My drivers don’t change but the environment is in a constant state of shift. PRINT® keeps me mindful and conscious to look after Best-self.

How do you integrate PRINT® within your work?

Rachel Martin, PRINT coach

At York St John I wear three hats – coach, facilitator and lecturer. I’ve woven PRINT® through many different areas within these three ‘hats’, from 1-1 coaching, leadership programmes and team building to communication, careers and motivation.

PRINT® also really supports our wellbeing agenda. It heightens awareness of the importance of looking after yourself. Plus, it creates a reflective space for individuals to consider ways of breaking patterns of unresourceful behaviours, as well as building resilience and strategies in more challenging situations.

In terms of how I apply it to students’ learning, we have a ‘workplace stress and resilience’ module, which is part of a postgraduate programme. It specifically focuses on resourceful and unresourceful behaviours, shining a light on the triggers that can impact our state. PRINT® is a great addition to this as it provides an inroad for our delegates to open up and talk about this topic, exploring the ways it can impact our stress levels and how it can impact the rest of the team and everyone’s energy levels.

Appreciating differences in one another is so crucial. PRINT® celebrates the fact we’re all unique and being able to respond to that strengthens personal resilience and can reduce stressors in the workplace.

What impact does PRINT® have on firing people up?

Rachel Martin, PRINT coach

I’m always asked, ‘how do you motivate other people?’  PRINT® helps me to answer that question and it’s not one size fits all. The Discovery Session is just the beginning of exploration and PRINT® has brought to my practice a way to keep building on knowledge, an opportunity to keep revisiting and making our motivators present.

So there you have it. Once again I’m in awe of the development work our PRINT® coaches do with their delegates and clients. As we all navigate our way through the coming months, I’m sure resilience, if not already, will be a hot topic for many. Talking to Rachel has certainly given me yet another lens through which to view PRINT®.

We’re honoured to have so many talented people developers across all sectors as part of our PRINT® community. Could you be the next? Get in touch and discover how PRINT® can unlock potential for you.

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