You’re savvy enough to know the most effective leaders are authentic and agile. Confident and convincing. Assured and inspirational. Give them the tools and techniques to make sure they’re ready to lead your organisation to where it needs to be.

H&H - The importance of building a strong team culture

Supporting leaders to bring out the best in their teams

Authentic leaders are trusted. They’re inspiring. And motivating. Yet 58 percent of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss.

Successful leaders inspire brilliance. Give everyone a voice. Allow culture to be shaped by the many. So let’s make sure your leaders have the tools and skills to not just deliver key messages – but make them resonate, relevant and amplified.

Every leader has a distinct style. And as luck would have it, top-class communication skills come in every flavour.

Some leaders crackle with charisma. Others boss it with a belt-and-braces style. Either way, their approach can play a big part in engaging employees.

That’s why you won’t find any off-the-peg, pre-packed, pre-cooked, oven-ready leadership support here. To win hearts and minds, a leader must be authentic. And that means kitting them out with tools and skills that work for them – however they roll.


Animators, influencers, designers, innovators, strategists, psychologists, master coaches, L&D gurus, a peacock called Colin … and a toad.

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  • Sophie, Client Experience Partner at H&H


    Looking for leadership support? Want to boost engagement on internal digital channels? My career’s centred around creating and communicating the right messages, and I have an uncanny ability to keep calm under pressure. With an extensive background in both the public and private sector, I’ll be your IC cheerleader – and I’ll make sure everything runs like clockwork.

  • Rosie, Senior Designer at H&H


    “Others have seen what is and asked, why? I have seen what could be and asked, why not?” I’d love to claim that as my own. But it was Pablo Picasso. And he had a point –creativity is about people seeing possibilities where others can’t. I’ve been at H&H for a whopping nine years, thanks to the culture, people, and the fact we get to be creative on so many fab projects.

  • Emma, Project Manager at H&H


    I’ve an eclectic professional background, with roles in brand management, real estate and FMCG quality control. What do they all have in common? Communication! It’s essential when working with some of the world’s best-known household names – together with great people skills, organisation and a meticulous eye for detail (a fair bit of plate spinning too!). Talking is my strong point and honesty is pivotal to building trust and long-lasting relationships. You’ll rarely see me without a smile on my face but if you do, just stick the kettle on and I’ll be ‘reet!

  • Jess

    Some call me a control freak. Others say I’m detail orientated, deadline driven and hellbent on making the H&H team’s lives easier, and our clients happy. Either way, I get stuff done and problems solved. Mostly before anyone’s noticed a problem needed sorting. Isn’t that the best way? 

I’m a ‘communicator’ (talker). So it’s ace to be at H&H, where comms are Queen.

  • Ols

    People learn faster – and deeper – when they're having fun. It’s why animations – with captivating stories, relatable characters and interesting illustrations – are such a powerful learning tool. There are so many components that can be used to visually tell a brilliant story – one that captures people’s attention and emotions. And I love bringing them to life!

  • Niamh

    Art or science? Feeding my creative passion or my nerdy side? With H&H, I don’t have to choose. With a biochemistry background, I now partner with clients to discover what makes their people tick – and how to harness that to create truly inspiring places to work. True engagement means being a brand ambassador – always ready with that elevator pitch. I’m ready. Are you?

  • Laura, Operations Manager at H&H


    You know those drawer organisers that keep all your socks super neat and tidy? A fellow H&Her said that’s what my brain works like. I think it was a compliment. I make sure everyone has what they need to deliver projects on time – without compromising on quality. And I love turning data into a story everyone can get excited about. Strategy update via gamification, anyone?

  • Zoe, IC Consultant at H&H


    Would you like to hear a story? Bet that’s a “yes”. Storytelling is at the heart of Internal Communications – and it’s all about the emotions. Successfully tug on heart strings and you’ll boost engagement faster than you could launch a rocket. But behind every story is a great strategy and that’s where I fit in. Give me any IC problem, and I’ll help you write the perfect best seller.

H&H - The importance of effective communication

Internal Communications

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