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Leadership development

“Communication and engagement plans will only work if they inspire others into action.”

It hardly needs saying, but we’ll say it anyway! Managers and leaders have to connect and communicate really well with their teams for internal communication programmes to reach their full potential. (Not to mention the impact on the overall employee experience!)

Most engagement or communication programmes will need some leader or manager development within them. It might be as simple as giving useful guidance on how to get a specific message across. Or perhaps a range of activities that will have a longer-term impact – things like skills development, performance coaching or psychometric-based training.

But an amazingly creative, well-thought-through communication and engagement plan will only work if leaders and managers are ready, willing and have the right skills to inspire others into action.

We’re familiar with the very real day-to-day challenges in complex and ever-changing environments, because our specialist leadership development team have themselves been leaders.

Meaning our approach is authentic and relevant.

DHLArtboard 2

DHL – Experiential conferences

The leadership conference is a staple in most internal communicators’ calendars. But sadly, much of the time (and cost) is often fruitless. They typically involve a lot of ‘what will we tell them’ thinking, and most of the time they’ll be crammed with far too much information. Podium talks are simply not memorable – about 97% of what is said will be forgotten within 7 days. To create impact and influence behaviour, we got DHL leaders active, involved and practicing new skills. Creating a conference that inspired action.


Fujitsu – creating storytellers

Having a compelling organisational narrative is one of the cornerstones of successful employee engagement. Using a blended approach, we supported leaders to experientially learn how to tell a great story and deliver it authentically and memorably. Ensuring that they always captured imaginations, painted well-defined pictures and got people excited to be part of the story.

Arco Leaders

Arco – The art of conversation

Many internal communication programmes will have some sort of ‘cascade’ of information built into them. But not all cascades are the same. For us, the leaders and managers have to be fully conversant and engaged in the message for it to have resonance. So investing time with the people at the ‘top’ of the cascade is what has made the difference at Arco.