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Integrating PRINT® into your recruitment process

There are so many things we don’t miss about lockdown – no hugs, the closing in of our four walls, frantic walks to make the most of our hour-long fresh air allowance and soggy-bottomed banana bread being just a few.

Yet new research shows more than half of us will miss at least some aspects of life closer to home, whether that be the comfort of jogging bottoms in the virtual office, a respite from the daily commute or saving a ton of cash on takeaway caramel lattes.

And then there’s the positive impact our ‘new normal’ has had on recruitment.

Pre-lockdown, most organisations interviewing potential candidates would have done so in a physical, face-to-face environment. Since March 2020, we – like many businesses with positions to attract new talent into – have had to be even more creative in our approach.

And this really has cracked open the talent bank for the better.

The possibilities of where we can work from has become more fluid. The opportunities to attract people living further afield has widened. The speed and widespread use of video conferencing and online collaborative platforms has meant that the talent pool has now turned into an ocean.

As a result, h&h has attracted some amazing talent from all corners of the UK. Pre-lockdown only 4% of our team was based more than a stone’s throw of our Yorkshire headquarters. Fast forward to today and this has increased to a whopping 28%.

And it will come as little surprise to our regular readers that PRINT® has been an integral part of our people process both pre- and post-lockdown, and everything in between.

From the crafting of a role vacancy and selection and interview to induction, onboarding and beyond, PRINT® has always been an important element of our recruitment process. And why wouldn’t we – after all, it adds an additional layer to the traditional focus of competence and skills, knowledge, experience and potential.

Cathy, our Head of Consultancy, has doubled her team in the past year. I asked her how PRINT® has helped to build an all-star squad.

What impact has PRINT® had on the recruitment process for you?

PRINT® has allowed us to have pre-offer conversations with candidates about what motivates and drives them. So, we’ve been able to explore together how their natural strengths will help them in their role. We’ve been able to discuss the mechanisms candidates have developed for dealing with situations or tasks that might otherwise feel challenging. This has made it a hugely valuable final in our recruitment process – the conversations we’ve had have informed our decision to hire. Having seen the benefit, I now wouldn’t run a recruitment process without PRINT®.

What does PRINT® add beyond the traditional interview of competencies, skills, knowledge and experience?

Traditional interviews have always focused very much on the ‘what have you done before, what skills do you have now?’. Having deep insight into what motivates an individual, and what makes them feel resourceful and productive, allows you to explore how and why they do things the way they do.

Critical factors like fulfilment, engagement, passion, potential, success and performance are all influenced by our motivators. Asking candidates more specific questions about how they’ll handle different situations also shines a light on role alignment – and even if they aren’t successful they leave the process with something useful for themselves. That’s important to us because we recognise the time and effort they’ll have invested during the recruitment process.

How has PRINT® helped to integrate new people into the team and accelerate their knowledge and build relationships? 

It gives us all a common language to talk about how we like to work. We’re always keen to stress there are no good or bad, right or wrong PRINT® profiles. People have different motivators and drivers in the way they work, and we celebrate and welcome that.  If we understand someone’s drivers, and are open to sharing and discussing them, it means we can shape the way we facilitate a successful induction. 

We always felt proud of our approach to inductions – it’s a three-month process that supports people to get fully onboard at their own pace, be supported in the right way, feel settled super quickly, and effectively work together as a team going forward. And as we’re increasingly recruiting people who are working remotely, it’s all the more important that we support them and make sure we’re right for them as much as they’re right for us.

With so much debate about the future ways of working, it is safe to say that virtual recruitment, induction and onboarding will be something many of us continue. As hybrid, blended, remote working or whatever you want to call it evolves, creating an environment where people immediately feel engaged and part of the fabric of their organisation has got to be a great place to start.

Recruitment is the beginning of a new employee’s journey with you. Integrating PRINT® into the process helps accelerate relationships with colleagues and leaders, enhances inclusion, drives motivation and champions people to be their best self, whatever the situation. And that sounds like a winner to me.

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I’ve been an L&D specialist and enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and I get a real buzz out of supporting and developing people to reach their full potential in the workplace. A lot of what I do is based around transforming behaviours to enable people to be at their productive best. I advise on the psychology and strategy behind H&H’s creative internal comms projects, so that they really make an impact and engage the organisation.