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I Heart PRINT®

Our Learning and OD Specialist Kay shares what's in her handy toolkit, revealing her most powerful, incredibly versatile tool – PRINT®.

Isn’t it great when you can pinpoint what motivates you, identify easily what has you firing on all cylinders and see clearly what inspires you to be your best – whether that be in a work or play capacity?

But when was the last time you pressed pause to consider what’s going on when you’re not motivated, you’re unresourceful and – try as you might – you just can’t get into your productive swing? And most importantly, what can you do about this ineffective elephant in the room?

While there are many ‘tools’ out there that will happily wax lyrical about what we’re great at, PRINT® pulls no punches in highlighting the stuff that’s holding us back, too.

And this is just one of the reasons I love PRINT® – and it’s one of the reasons the people I work with say they love it too.

L&OD Specialist Kay leading a PRINT® Discovery Workshop

I’ve been in the business of people development for many years. It’s a profession that chose me rather than me choosing it. Maybe it was by chance, maybe it was down to circumstance. Either way, I discovered I got a real kick out supporting others to develop themselves, unleash their potential, learn and grow.

If you’re reading that last sentence back and thinking, ‘ooh, that sounds a bit saccharin’, then that’s fine. Each to their own. But I make no apologies, because I realise, I’ve found my WHY. And it really fires me up.

I’ve always been a bit of a learning junkie. If you’re in an L&D or OD role, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Along the way, I’ve gathered academic qualifications, licences and accreditations for numerous tools, skills and knowledge.

They’ve all been insightful and powerful in their own way. I’ve loved the experience of mastering each one – thinking about how I could apply it, what programme I could build around it, how I could integrate them together. Ultimately, it’s about the outcome, and asking myself: what impact will this have on the learner? 

As L&D professionals, we often refer to this collection of resources as our toolkit. Or toolbox. Or, if we’re being really fancy, our toolbelt. And if we’re being really canny, we’re curious about what’s in that toolkit/box/belt – and keen to discover the next power tool that would add value to our arsenal.

Our resources are important though, aren’t they? Coupled with our knowledge, qualities, skills and abilities, our tools can make a massive difference to the people we work with, getting them unstuck, moving them forward and unleashing their potential.

So, in my toolkit I’ve got a veritable pick ‘n’ mix of resources to choose from, depending on the job in hand.  As my dad would say, ‘you wouldn’t use a hammer to drive in a screw’. Or something to that effect. 

Some of my tools are still in their packaging and have barely seen the light of day. Others have lost their shine, they’ve maybe even become a little blunt.

But there’s one that’s my Swiss Army Knife – my go-to for most jobs. It’s one that’s incredibly versatile, hugely powerful and brilliantly easy to use. In short, it’s the one I never leave home without. (Well, I’ve not really left my home for the past year or so, but you get what I’m saying). 

Yes, you’ve guessed it – my Swiss army knife is PRINT®.

So why do I love PRINT®?

For a start, PRINT® is dead easy to use and super simple to understand. It plunges beneath the surface of what’s accessible and observable – that’s the stuff you could pick up if you simply watched someone’s behaviour – and digs deep to reveal WHY we do what we do.

PRINT® hikes up our awareness of what motivates and drives us. It connects us to the things that make us feel resourceful and productive. And crucially, it also highlights all the things that do the opposite.

This is the stuff that drives our behaviour. And once we know our WHY, we’re presented with different, better and more exciting choices.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, knowing your PRINT® has a dramatic impact on how you show up – to the people around you, and to yourself. And surely that’s a choice worth making.

I love PRINT® because people ‘get it’ instantly. It makes what I do enjoyable, seamless, and dare I say it, easier. I always know when the PRINT® report resonates with folks – there’s a little smile and a few laugh-out-louds. People are astounded by how accurate it is. And there’s usually a comment along the lines of ‘has someone been spying on me? This is bang on!’

And here’s why I reckon you’ll love PRINT® too:

  1. The language is uncomplicated, unpretentious, and easy to relate to – which instantly creates deep connections and full-on engagement
  2. It unlocks self-awareness and stimulates a deeper level of learning, presenting an alternative way of experiencing and filtering the world
  3. PRINT® promotes inclusivity and celebrates diversity. It maximises uniqueness, shifts perspectives and smashes assumptions
  4. We live in an ever-shifting, continually evolving world. PRINT® provides the tools that supports that expedition –  whoever you are, wherever you’re going
  5. It makes a positive difference in every single aspect of your life
  6. it never loses its shine and always stays sharp
  7. There’s an immeasurable opportunity to continually to learn with PRINT®, about yourself and others

I love working with PRINT® because I love supporting people to develop, grow and be their best. You’ll remember that’s my WHY. And PRINT® creates the environment in which I can do exactly that.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I know a few other people who agree PRINT® is the cats pyjamas: step forward our fantastic PRINT® Coaches. Keep your eyes peeled because in the upcoming PRINT® blogs I’ll be celebrating and sharing the amazing work they do with their colleagues and clients.

Want to discover how PRINT® will add value to your toolbox?

Meet the author

Kay Vessey

I’ve been an L&D specialist and enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and I get a real buzz out of supporting and developing people to reach their full potential in the workplace. A lot of what I do is based around transforming behaviours to enable people to be at their productive best. I advise on the psychology and strategy behind H&H’s creative internal comms projects, so that they really make an impact and engage the organisation.