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H&H shortlisted for EMEA Inspiring Workplace Award 2021

Like us, you’ve probably become a dab hand at virtual glam gatherings. And we can’t wait for our next one, when we put on our finery and take our online seats at the EMEA Inspiring Workplace Awards 2021 on Wednesday, 14 July.

We’ve been shortlisted for the Inspiring Workplace Consultancy Award, and to say we’re thrilled is quite the understatement.

That’s because this particular award goes beyond acknowledging our work. It would also recognise the way we grabbed 2020 by the horns, cajoled it, tamed it, and turned a bucking bronco of a year into a sturdy steed, ready to ride into new territory and new adventures.

When 2020’s first lockdown began, clients – understandably – drew down the shutters to prepare for whatever the global pandemic threw at them.

Suddenly, we had to put our money where our mouths were, in terms of living our values – being positively driven, creatively adventurous and consciously evolving. So, we planned for an unpredictable future by building up our business and investing in our team and capabilities.

We commissioned research into our sector’s current and future needs, refined our value proposition, and overhauled our systems for managing capacity against live work.

We built our new performance framework, Lumos, with personal development plans for every team member. We recruited nine new colleagues and trebled our network of associates.

Ambitious? Of course! But, knowing internal comms the way we do, we’d predicted that our clients would soon need us to help them communicate with their people through the pandemic.

When a stampede of work thundered in, we were ready. That’s not to say it was a breeze – we had a lot of re-learning, up-skilling and new ways of working to get to grips with, especially as the nature of the work – and the urgency – had become a whole new beast. So we thanked our lucky stars that we’d put in the time to get saddled up for the ride!

We hit our business targets, thanks to internal referrals among our clients, as well as welcoming five new clients on board.

And best of all, we’ve come out of it stronger, sleeker and better than ever.

It’s fabulous to have our efforts noted by the EMEA Inspiring Workplace Awards, which showcase great places to work. They speak to one of our own passions – having the edge in business through creating a great experience for talented colleagues.

Whether or not we scoop the top prize, we’re pretty chuffed to be up there with the best.

For many of us, the pandemic has permanently changed the way we work. How will you make it work for your people and your organisation?

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Christine Jarvis

Words, numbers, music, pictures, peculiar noises ... every sentient creature has a variety of ways to communicate, but it's probably only we humans who call it delivering strategic messages to our target audience. I arrived at H&H after spending donkeys' years ricocheting between journalism and PR, plus a more recent adventure in research and data analysis. (Even Excel formulae are a mode of communication. Really!) I'm one of the creative copywriters here, and, like my teammates, I stick my oar into the wider creative process as we put our heads together to dream up punchy phrases and sparkling concepts.