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Here’s why animations are the fastest way to supercharge your business strategy

Here’s why animations are the fastest way to supercharge your business strategy

It’s said the attention span of the average human has shrunk to nine seconds. That’s allegedly less than a goldfish.* 

The thing is, attention span tends to be measured by how long someone can do a repetitive task before they get bored. Or by how long they spend viewing something – whether that’s a news article, social media post or the like. 

That feels slightly unfair. If a task is truly repetitive, isn’t it natural to switch off? And when you consider how many hyperlinks, autoplay videos and dancing cats are vying for our attention, it’s pretty easy to get distracted. 

But let’s for a second humour the goldfish scientists. Imagine we do switch off in nine seconds. How does this then sit with the fact millions of people regularly bosh through an entire boxset in a day, or have devoured nine hours of the Lord of the Rings trilogy? 

It’s because such visual delights offer a feast for the senses. The narratives are engaging, and exciting. The images, music and sound effects hook the eyes and ears. In short, they’re way more interesting than a ‘repetitive task’. 

That said, you don’t have to spend nine hours telling a story when you can pack a mighty punch in less time than it takes to make a brew. 

Welcome to the power of animations

We’ve successfully used animations to bring to life a range of IC and EE themes for our clients, from wellbeing and inclusion and diversity (I&D) to safety protocols and culture.  

And having created hundreds of animations, we’ve found one area where they prove to be a particularly potent powerhouse: business strategy.  

Read on to discover how – and why – animations will seriously ramp up your strategy communications: 

They make the complex simple. 

Animations have the power to strip out the complex, turn 500 words into a single frame, banish the business speak and show people exactly what they need to know – without losing any of the meaning.  

They embed your strategy directly into the brain – forever  

Images are relished by long-term memory – it positively sucks them up and hangs onto them indefinitely. About 90% of the messages processed by our grey matter are visual, and they’re processed 60,000 times faster than text. Add to this the fact our eyes can register a whopping 36,000 visual messages an hour and you start to understand why animations should be your go-to buddy when you want to communicate your strategy, lickety split. 

They provide an unforgettable experience that lifts people into your future  

By harnessing the power of animations, you’ll paint – very vividly – a vision of your future. You’ll show your people what that future looks like, feels like and sounds like. Give them a taste of what’s in it for them. And you’ll present new concepts and ideas in a way your audience can explore and make sense of through their own lens. And once your people have experienced your strategy for themselves through the animation, they’ll be geared up and ready to make that future happen. 

They inspire people to think BIG 

Vlogs and videos are great for communicating key messages. But the stars of the show are unlikely to be able to fly, speak under water, or jet to the moon. The stars of an animation can. If you want to open people’s eyes to limitless possibilities, animations are a great vehicle to do it. No jet pack, scuba gear or unicorn dust required. And once your people are supported to think big, they’ll feel inspired – and super confident when it comes to digging into the detail later down the line. 

They turn your strategy into a meaningful story  

Animations bring a story to life – and that’s something we humans are hardwired to respond to. Stories encourage us to step into a different world and view different perspectives. What’s more, the messages we pick up are far better absorbed and retained than facts and figures alone – and are much more likely to get discussed around the watercooler. And isn’t that exactly where you want your strategy to be hanging out? 

They provide a solid anchor for all your communications 

Your strategy communications should have their own look and feel, which will take centre stage in your animation. It will come to life, move, and etch itself onto your people’s consciousness. So, whenever they spot it in follow-up comms – whether that’s on an email banner, poster or desk drop – it’ll be instantly recognisable. Meaning your strategy story will continue ‘playing’, long after your people have hit pause. 

Fancy a transformative, showstopping and eye-opening strategy experience? Check out some of our latest animations here

*this well-known fact is actually scientifically unproven and unfounded.

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Catherine Lea

With an extensive background in journalism prior to setting up shop at H&H, it’s safe to say words have played a leading role in my career. As a copywriter, I love playing around with language to communicate exciting messages in the most compelling way. I find great joy in interpreting complex client briefs and finding the best words to condense them into simple but inspiring communications that everyone can understand.