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You know attracting, encouraging, and keeping hold of your greatest talent gives you one heck of a competitive advantage. From recruitment to performance management, we’ll enhance your employee experience and make your value proposition sing.

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Employee experience – it’s how your people think and feel throughout their journey with your organisation. Give them a reason to relish it.

Your people are your greatest asset. Let’s team up and make them realise how valuable they are – and the benefits they’ll reap from being on board.

Looking for a partner that’s hungry to help net your goals?  Full of people as passionate as you about boosting your bottom line?

From storytelling EVPs to experiential performance management – we’re pros in creating stand-out employee experiences.

Enhance your employee experience and you’ll be rewarded with energised colleagues who are hungry to bring your ambitions to life.

This isn’t just about making sure your employees feel shiny happy and totally valued – though admittedly, that’s a ruddy good start.

An unbeatable experience comes from people having the tech, tools and knowhow to do their job brilliantly. An environment that supports wellbeing as much as productivity. And a culture that fuels collaboration while feeding your employees’ passions.


Animators, influencers, designers, innovators, strategists, psychologists, master coaches, L&D gurus, a peacock called Colin … and a toad.

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  • Jane

    I’ve been described as ‘a ball of energy fuelled by coffee’. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. With a background in architecture and interior design, I now put my heart, soul and copious caffeine intake into making sure our creative projects have a real edge. That they engage, excite and support an employee’s wellbeing and engagement as much as their performance.

  • Clare, IC Consultant at H&H


    I’ve worked in IC across the civil service – from a tiny Government agency above a Soho casino to one of the grandest buildings in Whitehall. My MOD induction involved bivouacking in the Brecon Beacons, in full camo gear. I’m not sure what I learned through that, but I learned a lot of it. When you get IC right? It lights up an organisation and great things happen.

  • Catherine, Create Copywriter at H&H


    Did you know there are 171,146 words in the English language? 218,302 if you count the ones nobody uses anymore. Loads to choose from. But less is often way more powerful.
    I adore playing with language – whether that’s unravelling it, simplifying it, or using science to find the words that make an impact. Give me a challenge and I’ll whip you up a linguistic treat.

  • Hannah, Creative Director at H&H


    You know when you’re surrounded by creative minds – it really sparks the imagination, right? I love inspiring our team to innovate. Pushing their creative boundaries, inviting them into the metaverse and freeing them up to imagine super-clever ideas. And transforming the employee experience with beautiful design and solid comms theory – now that’s a real buzz.

  • Kay, Learning and OD Specialist at H&H


    I advise on the psychology and strategy behind H&H’s client projects. I’m known as the model queen (scientific models – not catwalks). Because everything I do is underpinned with robust theory, translated into action and behavioural shift. My question du jour is always ‘so what’? It makes sure our creative approaches have real substance, are meaningful and super engaging.

  • Will

    I’m all about bringing creativity to briefs – clambering around to uncover those light bulb ideas for our clients. I like taking something complex and turning it into an ‘oh wow!’ moment that everyone gets. When I’ve not got my head buried in Adobe, I’m most likely travelling the country with my camera, snapping away. Whether that be mountains, gin or the H&H team.

  • Duncan

    What’s 20+ years of helping creative agencies develop stellar client relationships and attract new business given me? An eye-opening insight into many well-loved brands – from Mars and Alpro to Seiko. And the realisation the most vibrant businesses usually have a fantastic story to tell. It’s a blast to bring this experience (and a bit of fun) to H&H.

  • Laura, Operations Manager at H&H


    You know those drawer organisers that keep all your socks super neat and tidy? A fellow H&Her said that’s what my brain works like. I think it was a compliment. I make sure everyone has what they need to deliver projects on time – without compromising on quality. And I love turning data into a story everyone can get excited about. Strategy update via gamification, anyone?

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