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Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Inspiring everyone in your organisation with the energy, motivation and enthusiasm to put their best foot forward, every day.

What is employee engagement and why is it important?

Engaged employees are happier, more motivated, more satisfied and more likely to reach their potential. Disengaged employees, on the other hand, are already looking for their next job. Or worse. Perhaps they’re disruptive, disgruntled and undermining everything that the organisation is aiming to achieve.

By enhancing the employee experience, you’ll be rewarded with colleagues who are committed to achieving your ambitions, hungry to deliver their best and keen to make sure their talent brings benefits to your organisation rather than your competitors. They’ll also shout about how great you are to others, promoting your business to potential new talent and customers.

Our award-winning approach to employee engagement

Whatever your employee experience or engagement ambitions, we’ve got the people, tools, ideas and strategic know-how to make them happen.

We know that when employees are totally committed to an organisational purpose, are deeply engaged with its future direction, and feel valued for their efforts in achieving it, then great things happen.

Creating truly effective and sustainable employee engagement takes more than a few nice-looking posters or having your heart in the right place – though admittedly that’s a good start.

The real difference comes from building an employee experience based on solid thinking, backed up by a solid understanding of human behaviour, and brought to life in ways that resonate, excite and inspire people to connect.

Innovative employee engagement ideas

Want a snapshot of how our innovative employee engagement ideas have delivered results worldwide?

Well, they’ve transformed a national housing association’s strategic plan into a map that employees explored through gamification and experiential activities. They’ve shifted behaviours thanks to a series of videos that made colleagues physically feel the discomfort of mental health issues. And they’ve inspired the CEO of a leading mining company to stomp, shoulder to shoulder with thousands of workers, through a choreographed global performance of the organisation’s values.

Stylish? Yes. Exciting? Definitely. But more importantly, each was underpinned by behavioural psychology to make sure they not only made a creative impact but also had the substance required to shift people’s thinking, influence transition and net the results our clients had asked for.

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