Diagnosis Engagement - An Exercise in Employee Engagement

Diagnosis Engagement – An Exercise in Employee Engagement
9th June 2017 handh

An exercise in Employee Engagement that stimulated the body as well as the mind.

The Anatomy of Engagement game materials

Early on a damp June morning, attendees at our Biz Week 2017 event were truly tested by our Employee Engagement session ‘Diagnosis Engagement’, a series of fun, interactive games designed to inform, engage and entertain. And we’re happy to say people left filled with more than just bacon sarnies.

The session was focused on the importance of communicating with employees and the four key areas that contribute to making an engaged employee:

  • What I Believe
  • What I Feel
  • What I Experience
  • What I Know

With the teams organised, and after a brief introduction by our PRINT Consultant Nicola, a quick Q&A and an outline of the challenge ahead, it was over to the lab assistants to join their tables and get things started.

The H&H Team facilitating the event