Creative internal communications

Creative communications

Creativity is only half the story. The strategic intent and how you integrate materials is what really makes the difference.”

With hundreds of IC and employee engagement programmes under our belt, we’ve built up quite a bank of creative communication ideas! Creativity is only half the story though. The strategic intent and how you integrate the materials into well-thought through and executed programme of engagement is what really makes the difference.

Yet it’s fun every now and then to just to stand back and bask in the beauty of the creative sparkles that have brought our programmes to life. From the development of experiential communication tools to harnessing the power of digital creative communication, we’re always finding new ways to inspire people to think and act differently.


We learn better by doing, so the more involved we are, the more likely we’ll be fully engaged. By combining the science behind gamification with our own creative flair we develop activities that really get people talking and engaged with internal communication messages.

Here’s just a few examples.

Arco – embedding the vision and strategy

Arco’s senior managers were keen to connect everyone across the business with their redefined vision and strategy. To reinforce the messaging over the long-term, we developed an experiential ‘Arco’ board game that put employees at the heart of the strategy.

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There are endless opportunities and ways to have playful fun when you bring stories into the heart of an activity. We’ve used our originally designed story-telling cards in lots of different ways from strategic workshops to bringing values to life or teasing out attitudes and perceptions to new change initiatives.

Anatomy of Engagement workshop

Our interactive and educational ‘Anatomy of Engagement’ workshop brings the 4 pillars of engagement to life through a series of exciting, creative and fast-paced activities exploring what really makes an engaged employee – including a pig-spotting relay, a cryptic crossword, and a Where’s Wally-style visual challenge!


People remember 95% of a message when they watch it, and only 10% when they hear it. So it’s no surprise that our in-house studio team are constantly creating immersive, engaging, visually stunning animations that bring strategic messages to life.

Innovative digital tools

Digital is here to stay, whether or not we lament the end of being able to collect stamps for the Blue Peter appeal. More and more of our clients are looking for innovative ways to integrate digital into their internal communication and engagement programmes. Here’s just a few ways that we’ve clicked, coded or re-booted digital into the frame.

Fujitsu  – bringing their story to life

Fujitsu wanted to re-connect everyone with the essence of their organisational story, which had become diluted (and a little confusing) over years of growth and expansion. We developed a unique single-page micro-site which brought the story to life through a series of animated touchpoint, fun interactions and playful links.

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Final Artwork File

Millicom  – building an immersive employer brand

With ambitious plans for growth, Millicom wanted to ensure they only recruited the very best talent. Using augmented reality, we designed a multi-faceted, experiential campaign that linked eye-catching posters with animated digital materials to give candidates an immersive and engaging glimpse into what a role at Millicom would really be like.

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Visual design

You’ve heard it before… a picture is worth a thousand words. But it is so true. Who has the time to trawl through reams and reams of copy – not most of the employees we meet anyway! We like to keep our approaches as visual as possible – after all, why waste 1000 words on a single message, when you can say it in one unforgettable graphic?

Siemens – designing a culture from scratch

With 1000+ new recruits joining a brand new factory site in Hull, Siemens wanted to ensure they were welcomed by a unique, inspiring culture from day one. We constructed the building blocks of their new culture by positioning the employees as its heroes, and developing bold, eye-catching, visual designs that reflected Siemens’ exciting purpose, and put the people front and centre.

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SkyTeam – celebrating 18 years of excellence

In 2018, SkyTeam proudly marked their 18th anniversary as a leading global airline alliance. As part of the celebrations, we created an eye-catching infographic containing a variety of fun facts and figures from throughout their history, which was distributed to each of their 19 members. Each individual fact was also shared as an inspiring individual graphic, to build greater anticipation and engagement.

Strategy on a page

One of the most important challenges we encounter is how to drill down to the core essence of a complex strategy or initiative and share it in an accessible, simple and memorable way. By creating visually rich stories and maps, we’ve helped many employees connect and understand what’s being asked of them.

Event and conference design

Whether it’s a one-off workshop or an all-day conference, it pays to be creative in the approach. Podium talks and a death by PowerPoint are not the best way to engage or inspire employees. Instead we like to design experiential and memorable activities that put people at the centre of the action, ensuring the messages resonate well beyond the closing moments.

Anglo American – creating safety leadership

Anglo American’s 2018 Global Safety Day message was simple. Safety leadership rests on everyone’s shoulders – not just those with ‘safety’ in their job title. To help sail this critical message home, we developed and built a range of activities around a perceptive profiling ‘quiz’ – underpinned by a proven psychological tool – that revealed employees’ underlying motivational drivers. We used these insights to align each individual’s core drivers with the behaviours of good safety leadership, demonstrating that everybody naturally had the capability to be a safety leader.

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DHL – Inspiring a ‘One Team’ culture

With a bold strategy to radically alter their structure and transform the culture across the entire UK operation, DHL needed to ensure their senior leaders were all on the same page. We developed an immersive day-long conference of experiential sessions, game-based learning, practical leadership mentoring and storytelling workshops that got them buzzing with anticipation – complete with an immersive drumming-session finale that quite literally had everyone moving to the same beat!

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