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A Q&A With Our Work Experience Student - Chloe

A Q&A With Our Work Experience Student – Chloe
21st September 2017 handh
Good Luck to Chloe

Once again, H&H welcomed another up-and-coming professional to the fold – as superstar Chloe joined us for a couple of weeks of work experience!

It’s safe to say we didn’t leave her twiddling her thumbs. Chloe got stuck straight into life at H&H – and she fitted in perfectly!

To say she sought out H&H to gain an understanding of what it’s like to work in an office environment – she certainly left a happy bunny.

Over her time here she’s picked up lots more strings for her bow – researching the latest fascinating internal comms data for our IC Field Guides, taking over our Twitter account, and writing a (fantastic) blog on her own experience of internal comms in school.

She also caught up with our Nicola to discover her PRINT – uncovering her unique Unconscious Motivators to gain eye-opening insight on why she behaves and thinks the way she does.

We caught one last chat with Chloe before she heads off for more exciting adventures at university to find out exactly what she thought about her time here with the H&Hers.

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So, why were you scouting for some work experience in the first place?

I wanted to see what it’s like to work in an office environment prior to my university studies, as it’s something I’ve never experienced before. And H&H looked like the perfect place to get a feel for what an exciting workplace is really like. I was hoping to develop the skills I’d picked up during my A-Levels – and also make sure I wasn’t unprepared for working life when I finish my degree!

What are you going on to study at university?

Politics, International Relations, and German – it’s quite a mouthful, I know!

So what attracted you to seek out work experience at a communications agency?

Even though I’m fascinated by all three of my chosen subjects (which all have an element of communications in them) I’m equally as eager to learn about communications outside of the political sphere. And internal comms ticks that box perfectly! Communication is essential in every discipline, and it was interesting to explore the nitty-gritty of communication within the workplace (somewhere where most people spend a lot of their time, after all!). I guess I’m just passionate about communication in general – so who knows, maybe H&H will be seeing me again in the future!

What did you enjoy the most while you were part of the H&H team?

Definitely writing my own blog posts – particularly the one about internal comms in schools. Having just left the school environment, it was fresh in my memory, so it was the most relevant activity to me. It felt good to gain a deeper understanding of internal comms while surrounded by all the experts at H&H – as well as making my own voice heard! I certainly had plenty of anecdotes to include, having encountered my fair share of communication problems at school (you can read about them in the article). Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about the subject…

On to the non-workplace questions – what’s your favourite TV show?

That’s a really tough question – I love TV – but if I had to settle on one I guess it would be Game of Thrones. I know that’s completely unoriginal, but I just find the complex plot lines so engaging and enthralling to watch, and it’s filmed in a really unique, distinct style which makes it all the more exciting. The special effects are great too, which always helps!

And your favourite food?

That’s an easier one! Dark chocolate all the way – especially Green & Blacks. And it’s not only the best chocolate either – it’s also great brain food! The H&Hers were always impressed by the speed at which I worked – so perhaps it’s the dark chocolate working its magic!

We heard you took part in some other work experience at the European Union headquarters in Brussels – on the day of the Brexit vote result! What was that like?

Completely manic would be an understatement. Obviously there was a lot of panic and confusion – let’s just say it was an interesting time to be at the heart the organisation! They had these little communication ‘booths’ which people would use, which were quite interesting – I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

What’s one unique thing that people wouldn’t know about you?

I actually have a real issue with oranges – specifically the smell. I can eat them, and I can drink orange juice, but for some reason I just can’t stand the smell. I don’t really know what it is, but it’s something I’ve had a problem with since I was a kid. So please don’t eat oranges around me!

So why do you want to study your chosen subjects at university?

I’m fascinated by politics, and I love debating important issues with others – but I guess I’m particularly excited about continuing to learn German. It’s such a rich language, and I’m excited to take my skills up a notch. I’m actually looking to be an au pair in Germany during my studies – so I can experience the country and the culture as well as getting first-hand experience of using the language.

Would you recommend H&H as a great place to work?

Yes, definitely. I came into my work experience expecting every office to basically be the same – corporate and hierarchical. H&H proved that’s very much not the case! I loved their culture, and how connected and engaged everyone is with the work they’re doing and with each other as a team. It’s a relaxing environment (although I’m told it’s a whole other story when there are major deadlines looming!) where everyone pulls their weight and helps each other out, sharing knowledge and skills. And they were so welcoming too!

And finally (we couldn’t resist) – since you’re an expert, please say something in German!

“Vielen dank für eine fantastische Woche” (that’s “thank you very much for a fantastic week”!).

Thanks for all your help, Chloe – you were brilliant. And we wish you all the best for university (you’ll love it!).

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