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Employee engagement

  • Employee engagement
    Be constructive, not destructive

    How leaders can give feedback that inspires

    - by handh

    Imagine your senior leader or manager gives you a piece of paper and says, ‘I’d like you to write down an honest opinion you hold of me. It can be anything you like. I’m going to put it in a hat with all your colleagues’ feedback, and pick them out at random, so what you say will be completely anonymous’.

    Would you go down the positive route, and write something pleasant and praising? Or would you take the opportunity to point out a niggling issue or failure?

  • Employee engagement
    hashtag blog img

    The Top 10 #internalcomms Hashtags on Twitter

    - by handh

    Before Twitter adopted the hashtag as its own and built it into the communication behemoth that it is today, no-one really knew what the hashtag key was for.

  • Creative comms
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    How Being “Bored” Can Enhance Creativity

    - by handh

    Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re minding your own business, not really doing or thinking of anything in particular – and all of a sudden a wonderful, ingeniously creative idea pops into your head out of nowhere?