Recognising Fujitsu's Global Delivery Group

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They might not stand in the spotlight or grab the headlines, but the Global Delivery Group’s knowledge and expertise helps make Fujitsu the number one technology partner for customers across the globe.

Whether they’re working alongside their Fujitsu colleagues to bid, win and deliver projects worldwide, or supporting more than 1.2m end users to embrace technology that makes a real difference to their lives, they are a vital cog in equipping their colleagues with best practices, skills and innovative tools to delight their customers.

Our challenge was to increase awareness and understanding for all Fujitsu colleagues about the benefits GDG can bring them.

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Destination and Purpose

Immersing ourselves in their world through tailored workshops and by reading lots of documents :, we gained bucket loads of insights! We sifted and zoned down until we extracted the essence of the GDG purpose and benefits for people in the organisation. In this case, the destination was for their Fujitsu colleagues to see GDG as a valuable and trusted ally. We crafted a narrative, key messages and developed a visual identity to test with target audiences, ensuring we were using language and references that would translate well across global audiences.

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Scripting the Critical Moves

An IC and Engagement plan was developed with three key audiences in mind, with specific objectives outlined for each:

• Employees in the global regions: to understand what GDG is, does and how it can benefit them

• GDG Team – to engage with a ‘one team’ approach

• Across GDG ‘towers’ – to understand how each contributes to the whole and reduce ‘silo working’

To ensure that their colleagues experienced a joined up and consistent message from everyone in the GDG team we took an inside – out approach. Meaning that we first focussed on ensuring all GDG employees felt part of the ‘whole’ and were on-message and consistent, so that when the programme launched they were presenting a united front across the regions.

Capability Building Leadership

Materials were developed to support senior managers across GDG increase their visibility and communicate openly and consistently.

Clear the path

Guidelines were created to help employees to speak confidently and consistently with colleagues around the business about what GDG does and can do for them. They were also trained on how to use an interactive brochure and encouraged to share an informative animation with colleagues.

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