HEY Smile Foundation

“Just wanted to say another big thank you on the Smile rebrand and to show you and your team what great developments it’s helping us with. We have a very bright future and a great story to communicate.”

Andy Barber, Smile Director – HEY Smile Foundation

Smile’s need

Charities work in a competitive environment. H&H offered to strengthen Smile’s brand positioning so they could stand out from the crowd and better shape the way the public perceive them.

Our approach

By involving a wide range of stakeholders, from charity partners to volunteers, we were able to refine Smile’s brand position and create a distinctive identity to better reflect what they stand for, why and how.

The outcomes

Smile has a brand identity worthy of the wonderful work they do. It is aligned, strong and consistent (and fun) – strategically, visually and verbally.

Like what you see?