One people united under one Global Vision

Helping Crown Worldwide reduce complexity to unite their businesses and streamline operations under one vision for the future.

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Operating in more than 265 locations in some 54 countries across 3 regions, Crown’s reach and breadth is extensive. It spans from helping people to relocate their lives to handling precious art collections and distributing luxury goods.

Their challenge was to unite all the different businesses under one Global Vision for the future to reduce complexity and streamline operations.

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Destination and Purpose

We transformed the strategic plans into a compelling story and simple, easily understood materials that connected people hearts and minds with the Vision.  Before rolling it out, we tested the authenticity and appeal of the story and the big picture vision map; checking on language and understanding. The insights and feedback helped us refine the narrative making it even more relevant and compelling.

Scripting the Critical Moves

The BIG picture not only helped us tell a consistent story across the world, it scripted the critical moves for each of the difference audience groups. Everyone had the same consistent picture of the future on one side, and on the reverse, they had detailed strategic plans and actions for their specific division and region.

Clear the path

We helped Crown establish an army of ambassadors to help facilitate the employee insights gathering in their local markets and manage the roll out. We advised on the recruitment and held regular webinars with the ambassadors, once they were up and running. Skilling and advising them on how to get the most from their role.

“The story makes you want to join in and help achieve the future goal.”

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Growing the People

We established methodologies and trainings for managers to lead conversations with their teams and involve them in the development of local plans.  This encouraged higher levels of engagement and connection with the Vision throughout the employee population.


Capability Building Leadership

Although they knew it was coming, the leaders were keen to know more before all the information was ready to share. To keep them connected we crafted a ‘holding’ story and presented it as a short animation to help leaders keep their managers updated. This was also incorporated into wider team meetings and helped ensure the doors to the rumour mill stayed firmly shut.

For launch, we prepared and equipped Crown’s leaders to communicate the vision and strategy and facilitate meaningful conversations with their teams around its importance to the future success of the business.

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“The direction is crystal-clear with indication on specific drivers which enables the country and its specific business units to develop relevant action steps.”

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