Arco – Supporting leaders to communicate change


Supporting leaders to communicate change

The challenge

Arco was moving from a regional to a sector-based structure, creating hundreds of new roles and development opportunities, but in a central location. Meaning hundreds of regionally-based employees faced relocation. The challenge was to communicate and engage employees with the why of the change and retain talent.

Making it happen

As the change would have a significant impact on people’s lives, we believed it needed a change from the traditional approach taken to communication updates. Managers needed to take more ownership and responsibility for the communications to build authenticity and trust with their teams.

At a briefing conference, we replaced the senior leaders’ presentations with snappy 10-15 minute discussions. The usual managers’ conversation scripts were replaced too with blank storybooks for them to record key messages in their own words. It demanded their full attention, quick thinking and a deeper level of engagement.

We stripped back all the support materials too. Professional videos were replaced with shorter self-recorded clips. Throughout the programme, less emphasis was placed on presenting information. Instead, it focused on experiential and game-based learning activities.

The outcome

Post activity responses:

Average score

Out of 10, where 10 is strongly agree

I understand the risk of not changing


I understand how this change aligns with our strategy


I understand the intended results of implementing the change


I understand the triggers (internal and external) for the change


I can explain why this change is happening to a colleague


We’ve been supporting delivery of Arco’s Conversation cascades for six years, tracking impact, understanding and engagement before and after each one. The measures have remained consistently high over time.  Even in the face of accelerated change – change that would have a personal impact on many people – this ‘humanising’ refresh in the way the content was designed, delivered and shared still resulted in an improvement in the scores.

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