Controls protect us. Critical controls keep us alive

Changing behaviours with Anglo American’s annual global safety day.

Anglo American embedding safety culture

OK, so on the face of it safety critical controls might not seem to be the sexiest of subjects – and indeed it took a bit of getting our heads around. However, this awareness raising programme was the biggest communication challenge that Anglo American has.

From senior leaders to operatives who were literally at the coalface – our challenge was raise awareness of a complex subject with Anglo’s 87,000 global employees, leading up to a global wide safety awareness day.

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Destination and Purpose

The purpose of this campaign without being too dramatic was to save lives. To do that we needed every employee, not just those on the front line to become more aware of safety and the role that everyone plays in ensuring all colleagues go home safe. The biggest challenge we had was finding a way to position the message that everyone could understand and act on, because of the varying literacy levels of the audience. So, we kept the headline destination simple, and focussed heavily on an iconographical approach and big picture visuals to bring the message to life.

Scripting the Critical Moves

The programme was built around a series of activations, each serving a specific purpose and moving people through a sequence of steps from awareness, preparation, action and maintenance of new habits.

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Growing the People

As behavioural change was the ultimate desired outcome of the programme, there was a strong emphasis on ‘the how’ throughout. We built in interaction and involvement from all employees through short and focused team activities and discussions. A short, succinct visual animation captured the key messages in a way which was easy to understand and apply. Experiential learning techniques encouraged employees to get involved and hands-on with the topic. Interactive worksheets, quizzes and scenario-based challenges tested knowledge and deepened awareness.

Capability Building Leadership

Visible felt leadership (VFL) techniques were encouraged to demonstrate positive behaviours. We provided leaders with all the tools and support that they needed for town halls, walk-arounds and targeted interactions. We also checked in with leaders after each interaction to ensure that they were aligned in their messaging.

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“Injury rates across Anglo American improved during 2017 with 25% fewer injuries and 40% fewer lost work days compared to 2016”

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