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Building an enduring culture

The challenge

Siemens’ decision to build a wind-turbine-blade factory in Hull was the most exciting economic development in the region for almost a century, creating 1000s of new jobs. Naturally, they wanted to make sure that their new employees would be fully engaged and invested in the newly developed vision and culture from the moment they arrived. Our challenge was to construct the building blocks of this brand-new culture from scratch.

Making it happen

We wanted to build the culture around those who would be living it every day – the employees.

However, there weren’t any employees in place yet! Unfazed, we went to talk with them whilst they were training in Denmark. We explored what Siemens Hull meant to them ‘now and in the future’, which helped us bring the cultural identity to life using their own words. We condensed their thoughts, beliefs and attitudes down to its core essence and captured it all in a ‘culture code’ that would guide their ways of working.


We brought it to life within their new environment, by creating a powerful visuals that featured the photos and words of the employees we’d met in Denmark.  We wove the cultural identity throughout the site – from the car park, all the way to the offices and factory floor.

Building a compelling expression of who they were, and who they aspired to be. And providing a suite of culture-defining materials that would help them keep it thriving every day.

SiemensArtboard 2
SiemensArtboard 2
SiemensArtboard 3
SiemensArtboard 2

The Outcome

Right on schedule, the new employees were welcomed by an informative, dynamic interior that featured themselves as the heroes. Workshops, manager conversations and a toolkit of materials were gradually rolled out as they settled in.

“H&H’s striking design and imagery has definitely caught the eye of our amazing people! The positive response has made a world of difference.”

– Andy Sykes, Head of Operational Excellence