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Building an immersive employer brand

The challenge

Having set their sights on ambitious new strategic goals following a period of exceptional growth, Millicom realised that they couldn’t hope to achieve their objectives unless they focused on building a first-rate senior management team to steer their future expansion.

Turning their attention to their recruitment strategy, they decided to hone in specifically on graduates from the world’s most prestigious business schools. But crucially, they also recognised that employee engagement begins even before an employee has secured the job. This prompted a razor-sharp focus on making sure that their external messaging accurately reflected what it was like to work for them, to ensure that they held onto new talent once recruitment was complete. Enter, H&H!

Making it happen

The primary objective for the recruitment campaign was to position Millicom as an aspirational international employer offering a uniquely exciting and challenging career path for ambitious MBA graduates. The goal? Encouraging a greater number of sign-ups for Millicom recruitment events.

And so, we were equally aspirational and ambitious in our approach. We started by getting to grips with the key motivators of their target audience – uncovering what influenced their employment expectations, what their core behaviours were, and what ‘success’ meant to them.


These critical insights formed the foundations for the entire recruitment campaign. We tapped into these high performers’ desire to be ‘winners’ by developing key messaging that positioned Millicom as a place where they could literally shape the future.


Engaging their interest by using cutting-edge technology, we incorporated an Augmented Reality (AI) platform for graduates to interact with printed campaign posters to find out more information about Millicom.

This immersed and engaged them within the campaign in a way they couldn’t have experienced otherwise, and reinforced the impression that Millicom were at the forefront of digital innovation.


The recruitment campaign’s pervasive strapline ‘Or you could just…’ helped to hammer home the message that life at Millicom was empowering, challenging, and uniquely exciting. And an interactive ‘Digital Leaders’ challenge used an intuitive algorithm to determine whether candidates were an ‘ideal’ fit for Millicom’s culture.

The Outcome

The results speak for themselves. We believe this goes to show how successful applying the principles of employee engagement to recruitment and onboarding can be – as well as demonstrating the power of a strategy built around understanding people’s unique drivers and motivations in order to create messaging and experiences that truly resonate.

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