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Engaging through storytelling

The challenge

Having a clear and compelling organisational narrative is one of the cornerstones of successful employee engagement. Fujitsu wanted to reinvigorate the essence of their organisational story which, over the years had lost clarity. They also wanted to engage their middle and senior managers to create an authentic two-way dialogue with their teams around the story.

Making it happen

The first goal was to uncover the key aspects of the existing organisational narrative. To do this we trained a group of employees to facilitate 50 round table sessions across EMEIA and the Americas regions to give us a good steer on what aspects of the story were widely understood and what mattered most to people.

Armed with a wealth of insight from these conversations and using classical storytelling principles, we worked with senior leaders to find ‘the red thread’ that joined together the various elements of the Fujitsu story into one single, easy and inspiring narrative.


A good story is all in the telling, so using a series of online activations, including animations, videos and self-reflection activities we engaged middle and senior managers with the refined Fujitsu story and introduced activities, tips and techniques to hone their story telling abilities.

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With our storytellers ready, we developed a suite of materials to help them engage their teams during interactive and experiential conversations.

Employees were supported by their managers to find their own personal story and how their role connected with the Fujitsu vision.

The Outcome

Whilst we await quantitative results, here’s some of the feedback from the team at Fujitsu.

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