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Inspiring global engagement

The challenge

Operating in more than 265 locations in 54 countries across the world, Crown’s reach is extensive. However, complexity was constraining agility in the face of rapidly changing markets, leading to a radical new strategy. Our challenge was to engage their worldwide employee audience with the new vision for the future.

Making it happen

Finding a consistent and unifying story wasn’t easy.

The number of business units and diversity of services meant we needed to reach far and wide to ensure we had enough depth to inform a story everyone could connect with. We also wanted employees to feel that they were the creators of their own story – so we recruited and trained an ‘army’ of ambassadors to facilitate the employee insight sessions.


Armed with these insights, we worked with the senior leadership team to craft and then refine their story, whilst simultaneously preparing them to lead the engagement programme. The programme started with engaging conversations. Providing support for managers to lead the conversations was again complex, with so many variables and differences in experiences.


So, we designed the communication materials in a way that they could be personalised by managers to meet the specific needs of their teams. The outcome being that the communication ‘story’ provided a clear line of sight between employees experience and the overarching strategy, enabling everyone to participate in the discussion and actively create their own individual action plans.

The Outcome

The employee ratings of the programme demonstrated a strong impact:

9/10* clarity of vision story

8.7/10* their understanding of vision and strategy