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Gearing up

The challenge

Every year, the goods movement management team at Arco manually handled a eye-watering number of transactions from a massive inventory of products. Order processing was time-consuming, inefficient, cumbersome and needed a complete overhaul. The challenge was to deliver an internal communications and engagement plan to ensure the successful launch and adoption of their new automated digital platform.

There were two major challenges to overcome. Employees were sceptical about digital systems following the failed attempt to introduce a new platform the previous year and this new system required a significant change to their digital ways of working.

Making it happen

Not surprisingly, we needed a more emotive way to connect people with the project which was currently called ‘SAP APO!’ The communications were built around the new more exciting concept of ‘gearing up to supply the future, today’.

A compelling vision with a conversational narrative provided the incentive to action using a problem-resolution story structure. A big picture ‘chain of supply’ visual illustrated the impact and benefits for different teams. Interactive events, facilitated by line managers, demonstrated experientially how the new process would deliver sustainable benefits to vendors. Immersive workshops prepared and supported managers to facilitate these events, where they created their own version of the overarching story to increase relevancy for their teams.

GearingupArtboard 4 copy

A timeline overview was shared with all employees outlining key milestones. A short video explained the need for and benefits of the system. The core messages were reinforced creatively in busy spaces like water coolers and bathroom mirrors.


And since behavioural change was the ultimate desired outcome of the programme, there was a strong focus on ‘the how’ throughout – emphasised through a succinct visual animation, experiential learning activities, and interactive worksheets, quizzes and scenario-based challenges, which tested knowledge and deepened awareness.

The Outcome

The annual employee survey confirmed that the engagement scores in the GMM team had increased despite the major changes affecting everyone.