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Your people need to know where your organisation is heading – and why. So let’s inspire every employee to forge a powerful, personal connection with your strategy. That way, they’ll be totally up for bringing your vision, mission and purpose to life.

H&H - Business Strategy

Ready to put your people at the beating heart of your strategy?

Start with why. Why? Because when your people understand your direction – and can personally connect to it – great things happen.

Start with why. Keep things simple. Forge personal connections.

Every one we work with is different. But our approach – underpinned by science, guided by our Star Model – has supported employees worldwide to bring strategies to life.

Making the complex simple – without diluting the detail

Purpose. Values. Mission. Direction. Challenges. Opportunities. And a whole lot more. Your people are hungry for the bigger picture. Let’s launch it off the page.

Your people can be your strategy’s greatest cheerleaders. They’ll need to know what success looks like. Feel excited about the part they’ll play. And a solid grasp of why it matters at all. It’s time to join the dots. Pom poms are optional.


Animators, influencers, designers, innovators, strategists, psychologists, master coaches, L&D gurus, a peacock called Colin … and a toad.

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  • Paul

    What gets me excited about our industry? The act of creating. I love making something and then setting it free into the world – letting it fulfil its purpose and then seeing the results. I’ve spent a lot of my 20-year career in advertising. Moving to IC means I now work on projects that inspire change and betterment. And I get a real sense of accomplishment from it!

  • Hannah, Creative Director at H&H


    You know when you’re surrounded by creative minds – it really sparks the imagination, right? I love inspiring our team to innovate. Pushing their creative boundaries, inviting them into the metaverse and freeing them up to imagine super-clever ideas. And transforming the employee experience with beautiful design and solid comms theory – now that’s a real buzz.

  • Rosie, Senior Designer at H&H


    “Others have seen what is and asked, why? I have seen what could be and asked, why not?” I’d love to claim that as my own. But it was Pablo Picasso. And he had a point –creativity is about people seeing possibilities where others can’t. I’ve been at H&H for a whopping nine years, thanks to the culture, people, and the fact we get to be creative on so many fab projects.

  • Jane

    I’ve been described as ‘a ball of energy fuelled by coffee’. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. With a background in architecture and interior design, I now put my heart, soul and copious caffeine intake into making sure our creative projects have a real edge. That they engage, excite and support an employee’s wellbeing and engagement as much as their performance.

  • Meg

    Humans average 142 minutes a day on our social accounts. In my role I defo exceed this. Social media unlocks so many opportunities to connect people and spark proper meaningful conversations – across cultures, continents, and organisations. I also play a leading role in H&H’s events, internal and external comms and EVP. Give me any challenge and I’ll get stuck in.

  • Jess

    Some call me a control freak. Others say I’m detail orientated, deadline driven and hellbent on making the H&H team’s lives easier, and our clients happy. Either way, I get stuff done and problems solved. Mostly before anyone’s noticed a problem needed sorting. Isn’t that the best way? 

I’m a ‘communicator’ (talker). So it’s ace to be at H&H, where comms are Queen.

  • Lew

    Looking to lift emotions and shift behaviours? Try art. Art enhances brain function and brain wave patterns, and it boosts happy hormones. That’s the science (I Googled it, obvs). It’s a bit mind-blowing – and I reckon that’s why so many clients enjoy being pushed creatively. So, I make sure all my illustrations are seriously well considered and packed with personality.

  • Christine, Creative Copywriter at H&H


    Sticks and stones may break my bones… yet the pen is mightier than the sword. Which is it? Playing fast and loose with swords, sticks or stones is a fool’s game. But so is underestimating the power of words. Words state intentions, reveal truths and can crack open an explosive piñata of possibilities. The right words move people at a level you won’t reach with a stick!

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