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What we've been getting up to at the IoIC Internal Comms Humber Hubs - and why you should come along

Posted on 29th January 2018 | Blog

The IoIC Internal Comms Humber Hub events promotional image

Where do all the internal comms folk of the Humber hang out? At the IoIC Humber Hubs, of course! Our Kirsty takes you on a tour of what we've been exploring and discovering at these insightful, engaging events - and what you can expect to learn if you come along. Will we see you there?

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The top 7 internal communications challenges you need to focus on in 2018

Posted on 24th January 2018 | Blog

The internal communications challenges that await us in 2018

What internal communications challenges are facing us as we head into the unknown of 2018? Using insights from over 20 research studies conducted across the IC industry in 2017, we examine the most pressing issues and challenges that internal communicators need to focus throughout 2018 - so you can take on the New Year with confidence and conviction.

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8 key ways an employee-centric intranet can boost employee engagement

Posted on 10th January 2018 | Blog

Enhancing employee engagement with an employee-centric intranet

Guest author Alexandria Nelson from Interact gives her take on why employee-centric intranets are a worthy investment for organisations looking to boost their employee engagement levels.

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10 easy ways leaders can increase employee engagement by giving back

Posted on 15th December 2017 | Blog

10 simple ways leaders can give back to their employees at Christmas, for better employee engagement

Featuring contributions from many of us here at H&H, this blog explores 10 easy ways leaders can give back to their employees, to increase employee engagement in their organisations...

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A Game Changer: what we got up to at CIPR Inside 'Making It Count' Conference 2017

Posted on 7th December 2017 | Blog

Our Stew at the CIPR Inside 'Making It Count' Conference

Our Stew, Head of Learning and Development, gives the lowdown on his time at this year’s exciting CIPR Inside Conference, introducing eager internal comms professionals to a whole new perspective on change…

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