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What does an internal communicator actually do? 12 internal comms professionals have their say

Posted on 17th October 2017 | Blog

what does an internal comms professional actually do?

We asked 12 internal comms professionals exactly what they get up to on a daily basis - and what value they think IC brings to organisations. Here's what they said...

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You snooze, you lose: how a good night's sleep can drastically improve your performance at work

Posted on 11th October 2017 | Blog

clockwork man sleeping at work

Sleep-deprived employees are costing the UK economy as much as £40 billion a year. We explore how we can redress the hugely lopsided balance of the amount of sleep we should be getting versus the amount we actually do - and how simply getting a good night's shut-eye can lead to enviable increases in performance and productivity.

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The curse of collaboration: how to stop it damaging your productivity

Posted on 5th October 2017 | Blog

two conjoined lamas collaborating

To collaborate, or not to collaborate? Despite all the benefits, too much collaboration can spoil the productivity broth. We explore 5 ways you can make workplace collaboration a help - not a hindrance.

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(Not) working 9-5: why we need to change attitudes towards flexible working

Posted on 26th September 2017 | Blog

Making flexible working work for employees

Flexible working is becoming an increasingly popular workplace benefit, yet it often comes with a set of associated negative stereotypes. If business leaders are going to continue to attract and retain the best new talent - this needs to change...

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Communications, Deutsche and Dark Chocolate… say hello to Chloe!

Posted on 21st September 2017 | Blog

Communications, Deutsche and Dark Chocolate… good luck and thanks to Chloe!

We caught up with our work experience superstar Chloe at the end of her time with us to find out what she thought about H&H, communications, and Game of Thrones.

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