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Internal Comms and Employee Engagement - facts at your fingertips

Posted on 9th June 2017 | Blog

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Stay up-to-date with the latest research, statistics and data with our new IC Field Guide.

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Diagnosis Engagement: an exercise in Employee Engagement that stimulated the body as well as the mind

Posted on 9th June 2017 | Blog

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Early on a damp June morning, attendees at our Biz Week 2017 event were truly tested by our Employee Engagement session ‘Diagnosis Engagement’, a series of fun, interactive games designed to inform, engage and entertain. And we’re happy to say people left filled with more than just bacon sarnies.

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Don't be an ostrich: why you shouldn't ignore problems at work

Posted on 7th June 2017 | Blog


Have you ever encountered a particularly nasty problem, but instead of confronting it you’ve ignored it in the hope it’ll simply go away? If you have, we could compare you to the most dim-witted bird – the humble ostrich.

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A defence of Comic Sans: could it help us remember more?

Posted on 26th May 2017 | Blog


Today, we’re making a stand for Comic Sans. What an incredibly contentious and polarising sentence that is. But before any designers out there start lighting the pitchforks and beating down our doors, we’re going to make a stab at sticking up for the little guy – that poor, belittled, very unfortunate font.

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Scooters, slides and saunas: workplace perks, or frivolous fads?

Posted on 23rd May 2017 | Blog

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It’s the end of the week, it’s been exhaustingly chockablock, and you’re probably begging for a wee break from the whirlwind of work. Conventionally, you could go for a walk, take some downtime in a quiet area of the office, or if you’re feeling old-fashioned, maybe even strike up conversation with a colleague over drinks at the sacred water cooler.

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