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The mysterious value of fireworks - and how we spend £37bn a year making our organisations less effective

Posted on 3rd November 2015 | Blog

November 5th, the British nation come together for a gigantic exercise in communal pyromania. In the cold and the dark, hold the hands of our children and say “ooh!” and “ah!” and “look at that!” as colours and sparks explode in the sky above us. And generally speaking, we love every minute of it.

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Dare you, double-dare you: employee advocacy on social media

Posted on 22nd October 2015 | Blog

As Halloween draws closer, there’s no better time to think about the things that scare us most. In my experience, one thought that’s guaranteed to turn most managers and business leaders absolutely cold is “encouraging their employees to talk about their organisation on Social Media”.

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Understanding and combating the power of negative thinking

Posted on 13th October 2015 | Blog

As a corporate coach, I’ve been intrigued by the power of positive and negative thinking in organisations. It’s always amazed me how negative news can spread like wildfire, whilst positive news can jog along hardly creating a spark. But why is that?

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Managing a values clash: what organisational leaders can learn from the Kim Davis case

Posted on 15th September 2015 | Blog

Head vs heart

Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve felt uncomfortable or uneasy with a decision that your organisation has made or with a task you’ve been asked to complete? You may feel uncomfortable because you’re not sure how the decision might affect you personally – or indeed it might be a sign that the task required of you was out of sync with your own values.  

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What can organisational leaders learn from Netflix’s parental leave policy?

Posted on 25th August 2015 | Blog


It’s just over two weeks since Netflix announced a huge new employee benefit: a year of paid parental leave. This leave can be taken by both mothers and fathers, and is offered to parents who welcome their children by birth or by adoption. For context, the legal minimum requirement that US employers must offer is 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

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