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Making flexible working work for your organisation

Posted on 31st March 2016 | Blog

According to a recent study by the Office of National Statistics, commuting to work makes us miserable. Like, really, really miserable. 

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Engagement from day one: the role of recruitment practices in creating engaged employees

Posted on 23rd March 2016 | Blog

When you joined your present company, did you have an interview? Specifically, did you have an interview where you discussed a lot of subjects in quite an unstructured way? Have you ever been the interviewer in this scenario? And how useful do you think it was in helping everyone involved make the right decision?

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Why International Women’s Day matters for business leaders

Posted on 15th March 2016 | Blog

On 8th March, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. Founded in the early 1900s and recognised by the United Nations in 1975, it’s a timely reminder for organisational leaders everywhere that – while we’ve made some tremendous strides towards gender equality – there’s still work to do.

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Five ways to encourage employee engagement in the workplace

Posted on 3rd March 2016 | Blog

Have you ever heard anyone saying they “don’t have time” to focus on Employee Engagement? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself? This week, none of us have any excuse. Thanks to the astronomical complexities of life on a 7-septillion-kilogram rock orbiting a yellow dwarf star at a distance of 150m kilometres, 2016 contains a whole extra day! Here are our top five Engaging ideas to make the most of our bonus 24 hours.

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Why do we come to work?

Posted on 25th February 2016 | Blog

It’s National Employee Motivation Day, so we thought it was a good day to ask: why do we come to work? 

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