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How to make the worst day of the year work for you

Posted on 20th January 2016 | Blog

Did you find coming in to work this Monday a bit more painful and difficult than usual? There might be a reason for that. Thanks to its combination of bad weather, the Christmas debt hangover, remaining time until pay-day, gloom arising from our failure to keep our resolutions and, you know, freakin’ Monday, the third Monday in January has been scientifically calculated to be the most depressing day of the year. 

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Five ways you could become a more engaging leader

Posted on 5th January 2016 | Blog

When setting goals at work, we tend to focus on external factors (“Grow the sales line by 20%”, “improve margins by 3%”, “bring in five big new customers by the end of the year”, “become market leaders in all our segments”). By contrast, when we make resolutions in our personal lives, we focus on improving ourselves - resolving to become fitter, healthier, more organised, more financially responsible.

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The F word: why we should learn to embrace failure

Posted on 1st December 2015 | Blog

Recently, a snippet of a radio interview led us to the simply brilliant “Black Box Thinking” by Matthew Syed. Syed’s book is an engrossing study in how and why we do, or don’t, learn from failure, and it opens with a compelling example of how diverging attitudes to failure can lead to very different outcomes.

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Being human: the challenge of becoming a more engaging CEO

Posted on 27th November 2015 | Blog

Leapfrog people

70% of senior leaders agree that Employee Engagement is critical to the success of their organisation – but the 2013 Gallup report State of the Global Workplace found that just 17% of UK employees are fully engaged at work. And if we’re going to begin closing that gap, our organisations need CEOs and other board-level managers to set the example, by becoming more engaging as leaders and creating the right climate in our workplaces.

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Is it ever okay to use jargon?

Posted on 19th November 2015 | Blog

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Precise, specific, beautiful? Or confusing, misleading, obfuscatory?

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