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Why innovation is important to us as an internal comms agency

Posted on 14th March 2018 | Blog

Blueprint design in the shape of IC accompanied by the text, 'Why innovation is so important to us as an IC agency'

Our Product Development Coordinator Luke reveals why innovation is our lifeblood as an internal comms agency - and how we're enhancing the IC industry by transforming the way people communicate and connect around the globe.

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6 easy steps to simplify your internal comms strategy

Posted on 7th March 2018 | Blog

Single chess piece on a chess board, with the text, 'Simplifying your internal comms strategy'

Guest author and internal comms expert Saskia Jones joins the H&H blog with her 6 top tips on how to simplify your internal communications strategy - so you can really make an invaluable impact on your organisation's goals.

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7 creative internal comms ideas that will re-energise your employees and boost employee engagement

Posted on 28th February 2018 | Blog

A cartoon plane leaving a vapour trail in the shape of the text: 'Get creative with your internal comms'

Keeping your employees informed doesn't have to be all corporate-speak and posters. We explore 7 uniquely creative internal comms ideas you can use to enhance your IC strategy - and really get your employees buzzing.

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Why it's time Senior Leaders started switching on to internal communications

Posted on 14th February 2018 | Blog

why senior leaders need to be switched on to internal communications

Guest author and communications connoisseur Amit Joshi joins the H&H blog, to give his thoughts on why truly successful internal communications rely on the investment, commitment and support of those at the top.

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The problem with annual employee engagement surveys

Posted on 7th February 2018 | Blog

Annual employee engagement surveys graphs

Guest author and internal comms & employee engagement aficionado Caitlin Kirwan gives her opinion on annual engagement surveys - and reveals why they may be damaging your perception of the level of engagement in your organisation...

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