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How to make better promises...and keep them too

Posted on 10th June 2016 | Blog

This week, we came across the story of this Filipino baker, who promised thousands of free cakes if Rodrigo Duterte won the upcoming Presidential election (at the time, he wasn’t even planning to run). Then, following Leicester’s improbable Premier League title win, we found out that Gary Lineker had rather rashly committed himself to presenting Match of the Day in his pants.

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How do you know if your change succeeded?

Posted on 3rd June 2016 | Blog

How do we know if something has been a success? Verne Harnish’s book The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time details the most successful business decisions ever made – but that’s just the issue. What makes them successful? 

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Bond’s bowed out: how to deal with the Mere Exposure Effect in the workplace

Posted on 27th May 2016 | Blog

Daniel Craig leaving Bond…it’s the end of an era! He reinvented Bond for a new generation; he was commanding, brooding, iconic; he’s possibly the Best Bond Ever. So why is it that when he was first cast, everyone lost their minds over how awful he was going to be - to the extent that even Sam Mendes thought it was a mistake?

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Robot teasing: the limits of empathy in the workplace

Posted on 12th May 2016 | Blog

This week, we’ve been thinking about Empathy – which, as we all know, is a Very Good Thing. According to Forbes.com regular Vanessa Loder, empathy is one of the foundations of business success, while senior business leaders from Dell, EE, KPMG and Lady Geek have declared the dawn of the ‘empathy era’.

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Working for EvilCorp: why your company’s reputation matters

Posted on 3rd May 2016 | Blog

Here’s a thought experiment for you: you’re an Imperial Stormtrooper, and your commanding officer, Darth Vader, tells you that the Emperor has commissioned a battle station with enough firepower to destroy planets. Unless you have a heart of concrete, this would probably start alarm bells ringing and make you question the morality of your work. So, how do you motivate your team when your organisation’s on the receiving end of bad publicity?

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