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6 essential leadership lessons on building high-performance teams, from England’s World Cup success

Posted on 18th July 2018 | Blog

England football kit with the caption, 'Just how did England do it?'

What made England so successful this World Cup? Our psychology specialists and master coaches have broken down the reasons behind their remarkable achievement, to give you the leadership knowledge you need to build high-performance teams of your own...

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The never-ending importance of internal communications (particularly for organisations with remote employees)

Posted on 12th July 2018 | Blog

Blurred background with 'IC' in focus - image for blog 'The never-ending importance of internal communications, especially for organisations with remote employees'

HR Consultant Eva Martin explores why internal communications are so integral to organisational success and employee engagement - especially for businesses with large numbers of employees outside head office.

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What type of animal is your employee engagement programme?

Posted on 28th June 2018 | Blog

Internal comms and HR expert Stephen Welch returns to the H&H blog to dissect the anatomy of the different types of employee engagement programmes - and weighs up the advantages and drawbacks of each. With plenty of animal metaphors to boot!

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Who Murdered Time?: Our Humber Business Week event took people on an investigation into why workplace meetings cost businesses £28 billion a year

Posted on 14th June 2018 | Blog

The cast of suspects in our 'Who Murdered Time?' Humber Business Week 2018 event

Our L&D Specialist and Special Investigator Kay takes you on a tour of our Humber Biz Week 2018 event in Hull to reveal Who Murdered Time in our workplaces…

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Listen up: 10 ways to listen better to employees

Posted on 6th June 2018 | Blog

An ear surrounded by geometric arrows demonstrating the importance of listening in internal communications, accompanied by the text 'Listen Up! (by Saskia Jones)'

Award-winning internal communications expert Saskia Jones returns to the H&H blog with some handy tips to help you listen better to employees, so you can ensure that your internal comms campaigns really hit the mark.

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