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The Top 10 #internalcomms hashtags on Twitter

Posted on 23rd August 2017 | Blog

The Top 10 #internalcomms hashtags on Twitter

Looking for the best place to find information, insights, and advice on all things internal comms? Look no further than these Twitter hashtags!

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Innovate, or disintegrate: how to get your ideas to spread in the era of innovation

Posted on 17th August 2017 | Blog

Get your ideas to spread in the era of innovation

Got an innovation you want to take off in your organisation? You may find it's not as difficult as you might think...

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‘But I don’t have time’: how to find the time to do more in the era of constant change

Posted on 9th August 2017 | Blog

I don't have time for constant change

By the end of this blog post, you'll never say 'I don't have time' ever again...

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The best kind of boring: if you want to be creative, start being bored

Posted on 31st July 2017 | Blog

How feeling bored can make you more creative

Sometimes the most creative ideas come to us when we least expect it...

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Smiley face, thumbs up, pile of poo: can emojis really enhance internal communications?

Posted on 26th July 2017 | Blog

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On average, 6 billion emojis are sent across the world every day. But what if we included some of those emojis in internal communications?

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