We’re a tight-knit team. Big enough to deliver what we promise, always. Bijou enough for you to get to know us.

We’re all welcoming. Open-minded. Creative. Curious.
Delighting clients is a top priority. So we constantly stretch ourselves, and each other. Push each other’s thinking. Learn together. Meaning you get our best, always.


Animators, influencers, designers, innovators, strategists, psychologists, master coaches, L&D gurus, a peacock called Colin … and a toad.

Meet our People
  • Clare, IC Consultant at H&H


    I’ve worked in IC across the civil service – from a tiny Government agency above a Soho casino to one of the grandest buildings in Whitehall. My MOD induction involved bivouacking in the Brecon Beacons, in full camo gear. I’m not sure what I learned through that, but I learned a lot of it. When you get IC right? It lights up an organisation and great things happen.

  • Laura, Operations Manager at H&H


    You know those drawer organisers that keep all your socks super neat and tidy? A fellow H&Her said that’s what my brain works like. I think it was a compliment. I make sure everyone has what they need to deliver projects on time – without compromising on quality. And I love turning data into a story everyone can get excited about. Strategy update via gamification, anyone?

  • Ols

    People learn faster – and deeper – when they're having fun. It’s why animations – with captivating stories, relatable characters and interesting illustrations – are such a powerful learning tool. There are so many components that can be used to visually tell a brilliant story – one that captures people’s attention and emotions. And I love bringing them to life!

  • Jess

    Some call me a control freak. Others say I’m detail orientated, deadline driven and hellbent on making the H&H team’s lives easier, and our clients happy. Either way, I get stuff done and problems solved. Mostly before anyone’s noticed a problem needed sorting. Isn’t that the best way? 

I’m a ‘communicator’ (talker). So it’s ace to be at H&H, where comms are Queen.

  • Jane

    I’ve been described as ‘a ball of energy fuelled by coffee’. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. With a background in architecture and interior design, I now put my heart, soul and copious caffeine intake into making sure our creative projects have a real edge. That they engage, excite and support an employee’s wellbeing and engagement as much as their performance.

  • Kate

    From finding 20 performers for a flash-mob in Covent Garden to sending giant pianos around the World for the premiere of Rocketman – the same learnings always apply. It’s about making sure my clients feel supported, have the best possible experience and feel free to be honest throughout. And hearing fantastic feedback when programmes hit the mark? Simply fab.

  • Sophie, Client Experience Partner at H&H


    Looking for leadership support? Want to boost engagement on internal digital channels? My career’s centred around creating and communicating the right messages, and I have an uncanny ability to keep calm under pressure. With an extensive background in both the public and private sector, I’ll be your IC cheerleader – and I’ll make sure everything runs like clockwork.

  • Christine, Creative Copywriter at H&H


    Sticks and stones may break my bones… yet the pen is mightier than the sword. Which is it? Playing fast and loose with swords, sticks or stones is a fool’s game. But so is underestimating the power of words. Words state intentions, reveal truths and can crack open an explosive piñata of possibilities. The right words move people at a level you won’t reach with a stick!

Meg, Communications Ops Manager at H&H

Does culture really eat strategy for breakfast? Ours doesn’t.

Our culture fuels our strategy with tasty nibbles. Think cheese and pineapple on sticks.

Every H&Her brings a unique flavour to the table. It’s that blend of different herbs and spices that fires our thinking and stretches our creativity.

Let's talk culture


Crafting a culture from scratch for 1,000s of employees

The power of storytelling to unite and inspire global colleagues.

New structure. New strategy. A new future for 10,000 people. It was time to talk

Siemens - Creating a culture code for new workforce at Siemens
Fujitsu - colleagues smiling in a meeting
Jardine - App


A project to discuss? A challenge to unpick? We’re all ears – so let’s meet.

    We've been named IC Agency of the Year for 10 years running

    Everything we do we do for our clients. Not for glory. Not to see our names in lights. That said, we’re always chuffed to be recognised by our industry peers! Take a look at some of the recent wins that’ve made us proud.

    • internal comms agency
    • internal comms agency
    • internal comms agency
    • internal comms agency
    Siemens - Three colleagues in safety-specs talking to each other

    PRINT®: a profiling tool like no other

    PRINT® is scientifically proven to boost individual, team and leadership performance.

    It ramps up awareness of what drives behaviour. Provides the tools to act with impact. Connecting you and your team to bold resourcefulness and awesome productivity.

    Discover your PRINT®
    Lew, Illustrative Designer at H&H

    Internal Communications and Employee Engagement isn’t something we offer as an add on. It’s our speciality. Our heartland.

    And there are tons of ways we’ll help you supercharge yours. Everything we do is underpinned by science. Inspired by insight. Bursting with creativity. All wrapped up with a dollop of common sense. We’ll make sure your people get the stuff that matters. Understand it. Interact with it. Get excited by it. So whatever you want to achieve, we’ll create a plan that works. Tailor-made for you.





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