7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today

One thing we hear being said a lot is that internal communications can be a really lonely place sometimes.

Does this ring true to you?

Unlike its immediate cousins, HR and marketing, you’ll know that internal communication has had a pretty hard time of staking its claim as a key strategic enabler within organisations.

And even though more attention has been (rightly) paid to the profession over the last few years, it’s troubling that IC budgets and resources seem to be flatlining – or even decreasing –  despite this new-found appreciation for the impact that good internal communications can have on the employee experience.

So if you’re a solo internal communicator who’s grappling with a seemingly never-ending tide of management requests, comms to create, newsletters to publish, and measurements to master – then it’s no surprise you might be feeling like you’re going through it totally on your own.

Does this sound familiar?

The good news is, while you might sometimes feel a bit isolated and cut off from the crowd, there are plenty of ways you can reach out to and connect with other IC practitioners – many of whom may be experiencing the same things you are. As well as picking up some helpful support and advice to help you be a better communicator.

And with the number of IC professionals on the rise around the globe, there’s never been a better time to grow your network and start some new exciting conversations!

Why you should follow LinkedIn Groups

If you’re a professional working in internal communications, then chances are you’ve already got a LinkedIn profile.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you use it more sparingly, you’ll know LinkedIn is essentially like Facebook for business professionals (although without all the controversy).

If you scroll down your home feed, you’ll likely see a ton of industry insights, articles, and questions –all related to your professional interests, thanks to the site’s nifty little algorithm.

At H&H, we like to share our latest thoughts, opinions, and best-practice guidance on internal communication, as well as what’s been happening at the agency to offer a unique window into our world. If you’ve not already seen us around on the platform, why not take a look?

LinkedIn Groups take this content-sharing concept one step further by offering a place where people can post information and insights tailored around specific topics.

It’s essentially a one-stop shop for conversation and content on these particular subjects so you don’t have to keep digging through your feed to find something relevant.

They’re also great if you need a bit of help or advice. You can share what you’re struggling with and fellow professionals within the group will come to your aid to share their expertise or experience on the issue.

In short, LinkedIn Groups are a great way to be where the IC conversation is happening.

7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you need to join now

So without further ado, we’ve handpicked our seven favourite LinkedIn Groups for IC insights, inspiration, and conversation (in no particular order).

Give them a gander for the latest industry research, useful ideas, and the chance to connect with other like-minded professionals. Or perhaps to have your IC burdens shouldered by fellow comms firefighters.

1. IoIC – The Institute of Internal Communication

Number of members: 12,374

The official LinkedIn Group for the Institute of Internal Communication in the UK, this group is dedicated to expanding the IC conversation and providing a collaborative, constructive space for IC professionals to share inspiration, ask questions, and post the latest industry research, articles and blogs.

And you don’t have to be a member of the IoIC to join – it’s open to anyone who’s interested, no matter where you’re based or what you do!

What sets this group apart is its emphasis on conversation and connection. Just scrolling down for a few seconds reveals all sorts of IC-related queries, questions and quibbles from professionals around the world – along with loads of friendly, helpful advice you can take away and put into practice in your own organisation.

Needless to say – if you’re looking to meet and connect with industry peers for enlightening discussion, then this is the group for you!

7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Ken Hunter
7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Mandy Northam

Join for:

  • Internal comms tips and guidance from folks on the ground
  • Eye-opening articles from IC experts
  • Content on change management, IC strategy, leadership communication and more

Become a member here.

And if you’re an internal communicator who’s based in the UK, why not check to see if your local town or city plays host to an IoIC Hub? 

Designed to strengthen the IC community by building bridges between communicators across different cities in the UK, these Hubs are informal networking events where groups of local internal comms professionals gather to share insights, experiences and knowledge with each other over a cuppa.

Many of them also have an accompanying LinkedIn Group, so that members can keep the conversation flowing between sessions.

2. simply-communicate.com Internal Communications Group

Number of members: 6,055

Have you ever come across simply-communicate.com? It’s a really useful website with loads of insightful articles, case studies and reports on internal communication – with a particular emphasis on IC’s role in the digital workplace.

Their LinkedIn Group is devoted to sharing the IC love further than just their URL. In it, you’ll find a ton of useful content shared by IC mavens and experienced leaders that’s easy to dip in and out of.

Granted, the group discussion isn’t as prominent – but it’s worth a join simply for the amount of thought-provoking articles that are regularly posted.

The net is thrown a bit wider here too – with content on topics ranging from enterprise social networks, internal channels and media, and presentation skills.

7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Graeme Cook
7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Tim Vaughan

Join for:

  • The latest insights from IC experts
  • A diverse variety of internal communications content
  • Inspiring articles on digital communications and the future of IC

Become a member here.

3. Internal Communications Best Practices

Number of members: 20,876

You won’t find a group in this list that does quite as exactly what it says on the tin as this one.

In their own words, this group is designed for internal communications professionals within the public and private sectors ‘to share best practices, lessons learned and trends’. It doesn’t get more self-explanatory than that!

We like this group because it strikes a healthy balance between shared content and personal discussion.

You’ll find plenty of IC practitioners seeking support and advice (and offering support and advice) side-by-side with new articles, research and resources being shared to further collective industry knowledge and understanding.

You’ll also learn from first-hand anecdotes of your peers’ experiences in the field, which make up a regular feature in this group.

It’s a shining example of the IC community coming together to further the industry and develop each other’s understanding and skills.

So it’s safe to say that if you value collaboration within the world of internal communications – it doesn’t get much better than this!

7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Chris White
7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Bruna Lordello

Join for:

  • Valuable and insightful conversations with other internal comms professionals
  • Useful information about IC best practices and changing industry trends
  • The opportunity to learn from first-hand experience across the industry

Become a member here.

4. CIPR Inside

Number of members: 554

Just like the IoIC group, this group is managed by a UK-based IC association – in this case, the folks at CIPR Inside, which is a branch of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. And you don’t need to be a member to join in the discussion.

As with the groups we’ve discussed so far, you can expect lots of debate, insight, and information around internal communications (sharing best practice around IC is stated as a core aim of the group), with a bit more conversation thrown in for good measure.

Conversations like: what three comms items would you take with you to a desert island?

7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Dan Holden MCIPR CIIC

It’s also a great place to keep up with the latest news and events from CIPR Inside – whether that’s updates from the IC Book Club (a must if you’re a bookworm), information about upcoming conferences, or notifications about practical webinars.

7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Dan Holden MCIPR CIIC

Join for:

  • Handy updates straight from CIPR Inside
  • Interesting articles shared by IC professionals
  • Conversation and discussion with industry peers

Become a member here.

5. Internal Communication

Number of members: 27,047

The content game is strong with this one.

You won’t find much in the way of industry discussion here – mostly articles and features from a variety of sources across the industry (alongside the odd gripey promotional content).

It’s a great group to dip into when you have a bit of downtime, as you’re bound to discover something new that might open your eyes or make you think differently about a crucial IC concept.

But the themes of the content stretch beyond just internal comms. You’ll see articles tackling team building, communication psychology, employee engagement and learning and development.

So there’s something to suit every IC need!

7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Helen Lloyd
7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, David Grossman

Join for:

  • Interesting articles from a diverse array of sources
  • Content on different perspectives related to internal comms

Become a member here.

6. Public Relations and Communications Professionals

Number of members: 296,555

As you’ve probably worked out from the title, this group takes on a broader focus than just internal communications.

It covers the whole of the communications profession – including marketing, PR and advertising.

So it’s a unique gem if you want to connect with practitioners across the communications spectrum, or get insights and inspiration from related professions to enhance your understanding of IC.

It also plays host to regular job adverts – so if you’re looking for your next career move or are weighing up switching to a new communications discipline, you might just stumble across the perfect opportunity…

With a high content turnover too, you’re sure to spot something new each time you check in to this group. (but you’ll also have to dodge the promotional posts).

7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Laura Piccardi
7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Barrett Lester

Join for:

  • Networking opportunities with communicators from a variety of disciplines beyond IC
  • Content on a range of comms issues, from social media, storytelling principles, change management and Diversity & Inclusion comms

Become a member here.

7. Employee Experience and Engagement

Number of members: 42,111

As an internal communications professional, you’ll know that the focus on the employee experience has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years.

IC is no longer just about improving employee engagement – it’s about creating an exceptional experience for employees, right across the board.

Taking a step back from strictly internal comms, this group explores the connection between employee engagement and the employee experience, and plays host to a range of content on everything to do with creating an organisation where people genuinely want to put their best foot forward.

Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion, leadership, engagement psychology – it’s all in here.

As it happens, we also really like their definition of employee experience in the group description:

‘It’s about creating environments that foster trust, growth, meaningfulness and the needed level of engagement.’

7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, Elizabeth Baskin
7 internal communications LinkedIn Groups you should join today, David Ducheyne

Join for:

  • Interesting content covering all aspects of the employee experience

Become a member here.

How to get involved in internal communications LinkedIn Groups

It’s super simple to get started sharing your insights and experiences with the IC community through LinkedIn Groups.

All you have to do is request to join – and you should be up and ready to go in no time.

It’s worth noting though, that all LinkedIn Groups come with their own rules and regulations when it comes to posting content. So take heed! Because no one likes scrolling through a feed of self-serving posts!

For example, here’s one of the rules from the IoIC – The Institute of Internal Communication group (the first one on this list):

‘Please consider other members of the group when posting, is it going to engage them? Inform them? Offer practical advice? Enrich their working life? Is it relevant to internal communications?’

It’s worth steering clear of spammy posts too. Avoid sharing too many reshared articles too frequently, or promoting a piece of content that doesn’t directly enhance the discussion of the group.

It hardly needs saying, but it pays to stick to the rules when it comes to sharing content – or you might just find yourself being unceremoniously removed from the group!

Happy posting!

Is there an internal communications LinkedIn group we’ve missed that you think should be on our list? Let us know with an email or tweet!

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